(A Lot Of) December Health Tips


I’m happy to announce that I’m here with our final health tips for 2016!

Before I share the tips, I have a confession to make; something I realized about myself this summer when I was packing my things to move to a new condo.


Notice I didn’t say “I AM A HOARDER.” I’m truly not a full-fledged hoarder. However, in some aspects of life I hang on to way too much stuff. (Example: I stopped buying groceries approximately 4 weeks before I moved, and I still had food to move.)

What does my hoarding have to do with the December Health Tips, you ask? Great question! I unintentionally hoarded a whole bunch of tips from the Popsugar article I’ve been referring to throughout the year. So, congratulations, readers! Thanks to my tip-hoarding, here are a whole bunch of health tips that you can work on yet this year and bring with you to the new year!

  • Do squats while brushing your teeth. I am not in this habit, but it’s a decent challenge/idea.
  • Make overnight oats so you have breakfast ready for you in the morning. Oatmeal has GOT to be one of the best breakfasts ever. Overnight oats are super delicious; another good option is baked oatmeal.
  • Schedule an at-home workout. Heck, how about this: schedule ALL of your workouts. Each weekend I plan out the four times I will work out the following week. I find this to be key in fitness. On busy weeks, I have to plan ahead and go to the gym before work. When weeks are less busy, I space out my workouts so I’m not too sore by workout four.
  • Sleep eight hours a night for a week. Challenge accepted. I love beauty sleep. 🙂
  • Take healthy snacks to work. I back this tip 100%. Some snacks I recommend are: granola bars or protein bars (I’ve posted about my bar obsession here, but since then Luna and Cliff have released a few bars with lower sugar so check them out too!); Greek yogurt, an apple with peanut butter, popcorn, or healthy smoothies.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you. I do this and I highly recommend it for all! Side note, I need to WASH my reusable water bottle on a much more regular basis. (2017 New Year’s Resolution?)
  • When you are cold, don’t turn up the heat. Instead, do 10 push-ups. I have never thought to do this before but I am going to accept this as a challenge.

Whenever possible, I get in my first workout on Sunday. That way, I only have to find time for three more workouts for the rest of the week!

I hope some of these tips have inspired you. I know that I will be challenged this month and in 2017 with these!

May your days be merry and bright, and healthy and happy!





January Health Tips


January is the best month to start the year on a healthy foot. POPSUGAR Fitness shared an awesome article of “supereasy goals” for health resolutions. (And yes, they merged super with easy to get supereasy.) I will share a few each month for some motivation:

  1. Drink a glass of water when you wake up each morning.
    I got into the habit of drinking water and now I wake up thirsty.  This is a big deal for me as I never drank enough water until it became a point of intention in my life.
  2. Take the stairs, not the escalator.
    Easy for me since I live in an upper apartment. But in all seriousness, the stairs is a great form of exercise. Added bonus points to secretly race the people on the escalator. 🙂
  3. Eat dark chocolate (70% or a higher percentage).
    If POPSUGAR is going to promote eating chocolate, I’m not gonna ask any questions.
  4. Read the labels of pre- packaged foods, including portion sizes.
    Here are the things I look for when reading food labels:
    -Grams of sugar (30 grams per DAY adds up fast)
    -Serving size (I’m always surprised)
    -Gluten free (not for everyone but definitely for me)

I have to agree with POPSUGAR: these tips are supereasy and effective too!

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 9.02.35 PM

New Month, New Shoes!


Happy Saturday, y’all! I had a great fall day enjoying the crisp air, good nutrition and a thorough past-due cleaning of my room.

On another exciting note, I had great workout featuring brand new shoes I just busted out today! I bought the shoes over a month ago while shopping at an outlet mall with my mom. I made myself wait until September to start wearing them, but then in September I decided to hold out for just one more month. You know what they say, sometimes the anticipation is the best part. So now it’s October and thanks to my new shoes, I had a really fun workout today.

I’ve been trying to do more HIIT (high intensity interval training) which is a current trend but also quite effective. I love the interval concept because it makes every exercise seem more doable. I mean, doesn’t it seem easier to do ten push-ups three times rather than thirty push-ups? And breaking up the sets makes each set more thorough.

I’m finding that variety is the spice of life. If you’re tired of HIIT, hit the weights or start training for a race! But most importantly, stay active!

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 8.24.54 PM

Just sayin, I think my water bottle coordinates nicely with my new kicks. 🙂

XOXO — sarah

Valentine’s Day Outing, Reviewed


I saw a cover band this Valentine’s day with Kara and Megan, two blonde pals. We endured the cold of the night to have a chance to dress cute and go out.


I’m glad we went… although we had a few laughs of the evening:

  • We didn’t know there was a cover charge… and you had to pay cash. I only had $7 to my name (shout-out to Kara for spotting me that final necessary $1).
  • I ordered a water at the bar and then got busy chatting with my friends. A second later I picked up a clear glass only to discover (a) I was drinking a SPRITE that (b) was not mine.
    The Germ Police should’ve showed up at that moment…
  •  At first people were only line dancing. Let this awkward girl (me) be the first to tell you, YOU CAN’T FAKE LINE DANCING. There is a right and a wrong way to line dance so I had to wait until a group of  girls started normal dancing. (Side note, turns out Megan picks up line dancing like she grew up on a freakin farm! SO impressive and SO opposite of Kara and me -ha!)
  • Party foul: the cover band took a break…that lasted forty minutes. They were, like, upset that not many people were dancing, and we wondered if the band was actually in the middle of some fight among themselves (if we were grading them on chemistry they’d probably get the same grade as I got in college – think: passing, but barely. Awk).
  • I realized that I’m spoiled because I’m used to seeing Bella Cain who is the best cover band I’ve ever experienced. So, go see Bella Cain and not the cover band I’m not mentioning due to my brutal review.

Although I’m assuming Valentine’s Day 2015 will not be the best Valentine’s Day of my life, it was spent with good company and somewhat decent music. I can’t complain (too much)!



Maybe I should have been a bit more discerning with this blog title. I mean, I trip almost daily so technically most days are a tripiversary in some way, shape, or form for me. But with tripiversary, I was going for one-year-ago-at-this-time-I-was-taking-a-trip-to-Italy.

I started this WordPress blog in order to post while in Italy; [un]fortunately Italian WiFi isn’t the world’s best so I wasn’t able to post as much as I initially wanted to.

I took a lot of pictures, though, so here are a few favorites:


Venice is fabulous. “The City on Stilts” consists of so many bridges as all of the buildings are between water. And the color of the water! I’ve never seen such a rich green-blue.


I consider this picture among my favorites from the trip. Five of us climbed so many stairs to view the city of Florence from up above. What a wonderful sight!


Italy: the one country where your bus can break down in any given town and you can stay there for hours and it’s still beautiful and lovely. Oh, and I was in pretty great company, too, which always improves random down-times.


The Colosseum was larger, and more magnificent, and more special than I’d ever anticipated. Simply amazing!

I am tempted to post several more pictures, but I think you get the idea: I loved Italy…I loved this trip…I loved the people and the places and the sweet memories that all bundle together when I think of Italy.

As the Italians would say, ciao! xoxo

One Blue Sky


I’m not the world’s biggest scenery photographer, but I got a new camera (which will hopefully mean more exciting things for my blog, yay!) and I wanted to take a few pictures.


It’s no secret that Up North is not a place where I look my best so I thought I’d stick to taking my first few pictures of the beautiful scenery. I think I made a good decision:


iRemember: Venice


The reason I started this particular blog was in part because of my trip to Italy which took place this January. I tried really hard to be intentional and to be present, enjoying every moment of my trip. I still vividly remember most of my first day in Venice.

ImageI love this picture because it accurately shows the beautiful colors displayed in Venice. From the sea-green water to the bright buildings, Venice is covered in great shades of color.


Bridges… and lots of ’em. Getting from A to B is a process wherever you are in Venice.
In order to get from one building to the next, you have to take at least one (but usually multiple) bridges, even if your destination isn’t all that far away.


This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip! I love how the wall frames my friends.


ImageOur first dinner in Venice! I laugh when I think of this dinner. We were all still in good spirits, despite the fact that we were extremely cold (so cold that Kyle some of us struggled to unbutton his pants to us the restroom) hungry, and extremely tired (that happens when takeoff is a little after noon and you arrive at like 9AM the next day; Kyle one of us fell asleep at this very dinner table).

Venice, I liked you a lot.
I hope to return someday soon!