Rest & Hustle

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I am trying to get better at resting. Life is all about balance, right? My goal is to value rest and to balance hustling and resting.

Thankfully, I was able to go to Florida with my mom and auntie. Rollin’ with those two is definitely a restful and very pleasant experience.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.42.37 AM

Florida was definitely rest-heavy after a season of major hustling. I am feeling SO much better after this restful trip!



Flashback to Florida


I realized that the last time I posted, I was in Florida; yet I never posted about Florida.

Here are a few of my favorite photos and memories from the glorious trip to Somewhere Warmer:

Trip highlights:
walks (and a few runs!) on the beach | great restaurants | slow mornings with coffee | time in the sun | island iced coffee

#DutchDuo Flies to DC


Kara and I visited Katie in Washington, D.C. last weekend. We had an amazing time! The vacation’s goal was to spend quality time together, and we definitely nailed it.

Our trip officially began when Kara and I arrived at our airport. We had pizza for lunch and we each bought a book to read during our flight.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.28.18 PM

Kara and I each bought books that were perfect for us! I’m loving #GIRLBOSS so far and Kara said Yes Please is great, too!

We had a good laugh when the woman who sold us our books asked us, “Why are you buying books? Aren’t you going to talk to each other?” We laughed and said, “We’re gonna be spending a LOT of time together over the next few days.”

Back on the Grind

Health, Life

As much as I truly love traveling, I also love being home, having my routine, and staying healthy. I put my best efforts to be healthy away from home, but it’s hard to be healthy while away, especially with pre-made meals served and packed schedules not accommodating time for exercise and ample sleep!

The healthiest-and most delicious-part of my trip was this amazing smoothie at an awesome juice place!

The healthiest-and most delicious-part of my trip was this amazing smoothie at an awesome juice place!

My mind and body do not appreciate taking breaks from my healthy routine. However, I do think taking little breaks have their benefits. I gain a new appreciation for my healthy choices. I can’t express how happy I was to eat oatmeal and egg whites this morning! Returning to the gym felt amazing; my body felt refreshed and ready to work hard. I have new and refreshed focus.

Let me be clear – taking a health break is a little fun – but getting back on track is extremely important and quite hard.

Here’s to jumping right back on the health train and doing what’s best for my mind and body!

Hello, Sunshine


I just got back from a business trip to San Diego. I am lucky/fortunate/blessed enough to admit that this is my second business trip to San Diego. I want to “legit vacation” in this city someday, as I have become quite infatuated yet have not seen a lot of what SoCal has to offer.

What I have seen of this city I love:
SUNSHINE, fantastic stores, high fashion, delicious food, the glistening ocean and an absolutely gorgeous clear blue sky.

Added bonus of this state is a dry heat, AKA my hair's best cooperation.

Added bonus of this state is a dry heat, AKA my hair’s best cooperation.

Until next time, San Deigo. XOXO.



With one wedding and a few trips under my belt, it’s safe to say that summer is in full swing!

I got to take a girl trip last week. We went to Florida and it was as hot as it was fun. I loved taking some time to simply BE with some people I love.

We ate good food (think: fish), did some successful shopping (dressses!) and I shamelessly took some naps (indoors and outdoors).

Vacation Recap


I spent the majority of last week in Florida, which was both pleasant and relieving. I’m telling you, it’s been exhausting; moving, starting a new job, and transitioning into a new phase of live (all during the worst winter of my life-and I don’t think I’m exaggerating here). I’m not sure I’d been TRULY WARM for an entire six month period, from mid-October until my Florida trip, so feeling warm was great.

I loved my time in the sun, eating good meals, and long walks on the beach (predictable much?)

I like to think I’m good at vacation.