Hello, Sunshine


I just got back from a business trip to San Diego. I am lucky/fortunate/blessed enough to admit that this is my second business trip to San Diego. I want to “legit vacation” in this city someday, as I have become quite infatuated yet have not seen a lot of what SoCal has to offer.

What I have seen of this city I love:
SUNSHINE, fantastic stores, high fashion, delicious food, the glistening ocean and an absolutely gorgeous clear blue sky.

Added bonus of this state is a dry heat, AKA my hair's best cooperation.

Added bonus of this state is a dry heat, AKA my hair’s best cooperation.

Until next time, San Deigo. XOXO.




With one wedding and a few trips under my belt, it’s safe to say that summer is in full swing!

I got to take a girl trip last week. We went to Florida and it was as hot as it was fun. I loved taking some time to simply BE with some people I love.

We ate good food (think: fish), did some successful shopping (dressses!) and I shamelessly took some naps (indoors and outdoors).



Two weekends ago, I took a road trip with my friend and former roommate Allison. We went to a magnificent Michigan wedding to celebrate two dear friends get married.

#ASMT14 = Allison+Sarah Michigan Trip 2014

-or- Allison+ Sarah Mitten Trek 2014

It’s interchangeable; brilliant, right?!

Allison and I spent Friday night with our friend Lette. She is hospitable and we had solid conversation and time together. Allison and I stayed up WAY past our bedtimes and it was so worth it. (You know it’s a special occasion when Allison and I stay up late.)

On Saturday, we had breakfast with Lette and Megan. Ever since Megan transferred colleges after our sophomore year, every single visit with Megan has been extra-special. Party foul of the trip: I accidentally deleted the one and only picture the four of us took together at breakfast. Boo!

Bonus points: Allison and I befriended someone named Coach Ryan who gave us a mini-photoshoot in our hotel parking lot.

Coach Ryan’s Photos > Self Timed Photos

One of my favorite things about Allison is, (1) she’s so NICE and also (2) we love so many of the same things. We both wanted to stop for ice cream on Friday (#culvers). We both enjoyed jammin to country songs (#AndJoelPiper #AndPitchPerfect). We always have plenty to talk about (#TheSuiteLife). And, we have a myriad of memories to reminisce about (#junioryear). As a bonus, Allison does NOT hate on my teeny-bopper-esque ways, like fangirling about Zac Efron and/or hashtagging 24/7. What a gal.

Vacation Recap


I spent the majority of last week in Florida, which was both pleasant and relieving. I’m telling you, it’s been exhausting; moving, starting a new job, and transitioning into a new phase of live (all during the worst winter of my life-and I don’t think I’m exaggerating here). I’m not sure I’d been TRULY WARM for an entire six month period, from mid-October until my Florida trip, so feeling warm was great.

I loved my time in the sun, eating good meals, and long walks on the beach (predictable much?)

I like to think I’m good at vacation.


Sam and Julia Did Not Go To Peru… But I Did


Some time has passed since I’ve wrote anything at all about my trip with Light and Leadership to Peru. Although this post is not about that trip, I’d love to sit down with any readers over a cup of coffee to talk about how my life was transformed thanks to that trip.

Today I’m here to talk about what happened a few days before that fabulous, life-changing trip.

The truth is, not much at all happened a few days before that fabulous, life-changing trip.

My very good friend Danielle and I were college freshmen at the time, and we were both a little homesick a lot of the time. We had just spent a few weeks in our Wisconsin homes with our families and then we had to go back to school post-Christmas break. Although we were excited for our Latin American adventure, we were both bitter that we had to arrive at school several days before the trip. For three hours each day leading up to the trip, we’d sit in a classroom and prepare academically for the trip, learning about Peruvian history and culture. The class was good and all, but that left some serious freetime. Here’s the quick math:

24 hours in a day MINUS 3 hours of class MINUS 5 hours of sleep (remember, college freshmen barely sleep) = 16 hours of free time each day for, like 4 days.

I should add that Danielle and I didn’t have cars. I don’t think either of us had jobs at the time, either… and any spare cash we did have was saved for our upcoming trip.

So, you ask, what did you do with all that free time?

Listen to band covers on YouTube. A LOT of band covers.

We discovered Sam DeArmond and Juila Sheer there; dare I say this was life altering. At least, musically-life altering.

Three years later, Sam is still making music- I just noticed he has a video for Say Something. Another all-time favorite by Sam includes A Little More You (uploaded five years ago though, wow) but it looks like he added quite a few songs I haven’t yet checked out (within the last two years, ha).

Now let’s talk about Julia Sheer. She is a hidden gem, people. If you don’t hate Taylor Swift, you will love her Taylor Swift Medley. Again, it seems as if she has added a whole bunch of newer songs within the last, well, three years.


And for real, I would gladly sit down and gush about Peru and LLI any time. Hit me up.




Maybe I should have been a bit more discerning with this blog title. I mean, I trip almost daily so technically most days are a tripiversary in some way, shape, or form for me. But with tripiversary, I was going for one-year-ago-at-this-time-I-was-taking-a-trip-to-Italy.

I started this WordPress blog in order to post while in Italy; [un]fortunately Italian WiFi isn’t the world’s best so I wasn’t able to post as much as I initially wanted to.

I took a lot of pictures, though, so here are a few favorites:


Venice is fabulous. “The City on Stilts” consists of so many bridges as all of the buildings are between water. And the color of the water! I’ve never seen such a rich green-blue.


I consider this picture among my favorites from the trip. Five of us climbed so many stairs to view the city of Florence from up above. What a wonderful sight!


Italy: the one country where your bus can break down in any given town and you can stay there for hours and it’s still beautiful and lovely. Oh, and I was in pretty great company, too, which always improves random down-times.


The Colosseum was larger, and more magnificent, and more special than I’d ever anticipated. Simply amazing!

I am tempted to post several more pictures, but I think you get the idea: I loved Italy…I loved this trip…I loved the people and the places and the sweet memories that all bundle together when I think of Italy.

As the Italians would say, ciao! xoxo



I took a trip to Florida with some of my favorite girls. We took lots of pictures (and walks along the beach!), went shopping, ate delicious food, chatted, laughed, got a little too close to a few chameleons, etc etc. A great time was had by all!


Picture is a collage of instagram photos as displayed by iPhoneogram ( I didn’t know that was a thing until today)