Fall Leaves, Quality Time, & The Youngest Two


I have so many fond memories of growing up among my seven cousins. Due in part to our shared lake home in Northern Wisconsin, we created bonds and shared many good times. I was the youngest, which meant I had a slew of role models, play mates and even chauffeurs by age six!

Maybe what’s even more special is the closeness we still share today. I hear from many of my cousins on a regular basis. We have gone to each other for advice, taken trips together, and even stood up in each others’ weddings.

Kasey is the second-to-youngest cousin. The two of us spent last Saturday together. Oh how I so loved our one-on-one time together!

Our time together wasn’t technically one-on-one though, as the Little Baby she is carrying was so evidently with us as well!


Here’s to the beautiful fall leaves, semi-sketchy alleys (but who were those weird guys who walked by?) and quality time with my dear cousin.


#DutchDuo Flies to DC


Kara and I visited Katie in Washington, D.C. last weekend. We had an amazing time! The vacation’s goal was to spend quality time together, and we definitely nailed it.

Our trip officially began when Kara and I arrived at our airport. We had pizza for lunch and we each bought a book to read during our flight.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.28.18 PM

Kara and I each bought books that were perfect for us! I’m loving #GIRLBOSS so far and Kara said Yes Please is great, too!

We had a good laugh when the woman who sold us our books asked us, “Why are you buying books? Aren’t you going to talk to each other?” We laughed and said, “We’re gonna be spending a LOT of time together over the next few days.”

Katie & Sean Are Engaged!


My adorable best friend Katie got engaged to the wonderful and talented Sean this weekend! I am so excited for the happy couple as they make plans for their wedding, and for life together.

Oh the joy!

So much joy & excitement & cute-ness!

I got to celebrate with Katie and Sean the day after their engagement, and we even had time to take a few pictures.

Such a happy season to celebrate!

Such a happy season to celebrate!

On Being Together


I was planning to get my hands dirty doing various tasks the day before the big wedding. Instead, I slept in, enjoyed a cup of coffee and got my nails done. My first ever french tip and Shellac manicure was fantastic (it still looks good a week later!). Just sitting with all the girls and doing a few crafty wedding things was a really good time.

ImageOne of my favorite artists states it plainly:

The truth is,
I would rather do nothing with you
Than something with anybody else.

-Leigh Standley

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed the special time of just being together. I’m thankful for the time we were able to spend together that exceptional Friday afternoon.