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Today is my three year blogiversary with WordPress! My little blog was called “This Is My Year” at the time. I have to admit that 2013 was one kickin’ year, which included a trip to Italy, my 21st birthday (but that’s another story), living in two amazing housing situations; special weddings AND graduation from college.

Pre-story! I actually had a cutie-little blog, All About Cteve, which was launched my sophomore year of college; I ended that blog mainly because I ran out of free photo space on that page (I’m Dutch, need I say more?!).

I didn’t want to be vain, though, and knowing I was coming off of an amazing high which was college, I figured it would be a bit unrealistic to call 2014 “[This Is] My Year,” too, so I went with the general “sideshow” and have decided to stick with that name, for the time being at least.

When I fell in love with Gym (see what I did there?), I cut back on the #bloglyfe BIG TIME. But I missed blogging, and I still enjoy blogging, and I’m not ready to give up blogging. That being said, my posts are indeed fewer and farther between, but I also don’t intend for them to stop anytime soon. How’s that  for vague?

So I will continue with my little life blog. Stay tuned for whatever I want to share, whether it’s health tips or silly stories and fashion or songs or some new gig I may get into some day.

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Since this is a sentimental post already, here was my 2015 best nine (left to right and then top to bottom) Meeting Love & Theft | Becoming an Auntie | Time with my family | Time with my TRIO | Florida vacation | Visits from Brittany | Quality cousin time | Having a group of “local friends” | Summer memories including Allison’s visit and baseball games.


One Year: A Blogiversary


Don’t worry guys, blogiversary is a registered word in the [Urban] Dictionary so there’s instant credibility for my word choice right there.

WordPress notified me that I registered for one year ago today!

I started this blog as This Is My Year! in order to record my interim trip to Italy. I’m so happy with all the directions this blog took. With 300 posts and 105 followers, I’m thrilled and thankful for everyone who’s joined me in this journey!


If I could buy a round of these fantastic Italian coffee chocolate drinks, believe me, I would. The best I can do is say cheers, and recommend that if you ever visit Italy to definitely indulge in one a few of these.

Year In Review


I think I lived up to This Is My Year! with all the fun and fantastic things I did in 2013. Big and small, I loved so much of this year.



Bonus memories of honorable mention:



Name That Blog


Hey people! In a few short days (literally), we’re gonna be jumping into 2014! While this fact is obviously obvious, 2014 means something significant for my blog- it needs a new name!

I chose to name my blog This Is My Year! in 2013 to honor and challenge myself to truly enjoy the year. 2012 was…not my year, to say it lightly. And I have to say, 2013 straight up rocked. I’m so glad I recorded so many good times through the blog-my Italy trip in January, taking another vacation in the summer, being a bridesmaid in July and October, and countless other fun items worth writing about.

I feel as if it would be vain to enter into 2014 assuming that another year is my year. Therefore I’m on the hunt for a new blog title. But I need help! I’m open to any and all suggestions. Please leave a comment below with any ideas you might have. And, if you have a request for a $5 prize if your suggestion is selected, I just might honor that! Here are my requirements:

  1. Nothing toooo cheesy. I can sometimes do a little cheese but let’s not get carried away.
  2. Not This Is Not My Year, because that’s a bit too pessimistic 😉
  3. Not Life of a Post-grad or anything to that effect- I am a post-grad but that doesn’t need to be highlighted

Up for the challenge? K Thanks. May the best suggestion win! And may the odds be ever in your favor (I could NOT resist a little Hunger Games reference there)!



I now have 100 followers! To celebrate, I decided to post something else to go with the 100 theme.

I remember jammin to this song on my eighth grade class trip (that dates me). Ladies and Gentlemen, 100 Years.

Also, my sincerest gratitude to my 100 followers! What a great bunch! I began this blog at the beginning of 2013 and I can truly say this has been a good year for me. Now we’ve made it to December and I’m so thankful that 100 of you have joined me in this journey.




We made it to July! I am so excited for everything this month has in store.


  1. Fireworks up north with my family and relatives
  2. Standing up in Megan and Ben’s wedding
  3. Being reunited with some college friends
  4. Two bachelorette parties & a shower
  5. Riding to work with my brother
  6. Attempting an Instagram daily challenge
  7. Bunking with my sister

I am amazed by how quickly I came up with seven things. This really is my year… a year I’m humbly grateful for.