Sing Along Cuz It’s One We Know!

I am super-stoked for all the concert opportunities in my summer’s future! Hopefully I will get to attend a few concerts, because that’s totally my thing.
Shout-outs to my current favorite songs on the radio:
  • Little Red Wagon (Miranda Lambert). Props to my concert-sister Kara for totally claiming this song even before it was famous (and I mean, you know it ain’t my fault when I’m walkin’ jaws droppin’ like oooh, ahh…).
  • Biscuits (Kacey Musgraves). Co-worker-pal Colleen gets the cred for this one as she found it first (OK she didn’t find it “first-first” but first to me.) Anyways, mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy. Can I get an AMEN!?
  • Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars). Is this considered a guilty pleasure? Stop! Wait a minute! I’m shamelessly infatuated with this one.
  • Drinking Class (Lee Brice). I feel like my #1 jam-buddy Allison is with me whenever I hear this song, even though we’ve never heard it together. Monday through Friday man we bust our backs; how could you not relate?!
  • Style (Taylor Swift). I think I’ll always be a Taylor Swift groupie, and who doesn’t love that red lip classic thing?
  • Sinking Deep (Hillsong Young & Free). We sang this one in church and it spoke a lot of truth in my life; you are my one desire…to know you all my life. Amen 🙂
  • Ain’t Worth The Whiskey (Cole Swindell). Is it just me or is this song #SupaCatchy? But don’t think for a second I’m out to drown your memory… YEAH.
  • Shoulders (For King & Country). Because the imagery is totally beautiful- you carry my sickness, my weakness, my brokenness all on YOUR shoulders.
  • Crushin It (Brad Paisley). Because Brad is making a comeback with this one; and because I’d love to hear, “you’re killin it dude” too.
  • Dear Future Husband (Meghan Trainor). And I thought this chick was gonna be a one-hit wonder! The song reminds me of something from Grease or Hairspray and I mean you know I’m never wrong. I can relate!

Selfie Sunday


Do you know what day it is?


AND April Fool’s Day!

But I really wasn’t trying to pull a fast one on y’all by posting a “Selfie Sunday” post on a Wednesday.

I titled this post Selfie Sunday because these selfies were taken on Sunday (clever points, or naw?). Sometimes I feel like I waste an outfit when I put together something cute for church and then switch to gym clothes or other pajamas for the rest of the day. I usually consider one of two options (1) recycle the outfit for the next day, or (2) blog about it! I should really start doing both 🙂

So here’s what I wore this past seasonally transitional weekend:

I'm glad it's finally warm enough for me to wear this cute dress. I love the lace pocket!

I’m glad it’s finally warm enough for me to wear this cute dress. I love the lace pocket!

Cute yellow chair, am I right? A friend from my roommate's church totally GAVE it to us. Love it!

Cute yellow chair, am I right? A friend from my roommate’s church totally GAVE it to us. Love it!

My mom gave me these mini-Uggs for Christmas, and I'm shocked at how often I wear them!

My mom gave me these mini-Uggs for Christmas, and I’m shocked at how often I wear them!

OBV it is not summer so bare legs is not an option at this point. Leggings FOR THE WIN!

OBV it is not summer so bare legs is not an option at this point. Leggings FOR THE WIN!

I can’t wait to bust out more spring and summer clothes… and maybe store some of my winter stuff at Mom and Dad’s house for a while!

Annie and Travis Tied the Knot


My first hometown friend got married this weekend. I remember meeting Anne Marie when her family moved in fourth grade and our friendship has come a LONG way. I’m so thankful that Annie and I have become friends, especially in high school and even through college. I love how Annie is growing closer to the Lord and how happy she is when she’s with Travis. I think Annie and Travis are great for each other and celebrating their big day with them was really special for me. Did I mention I had a blast at their wedding and reception?


Happy Birthday Brittany!


My good friend Brittany turned 21 today, and even though we are many miles apart, I’m giving thanks for her and for our friendship today. I remember meeting Brittany my freshman year of college and thinking about how classy she was. Brittany’s an intentional friend, too-I remember a few weeks after meeting her she told me she wanted to become good friends with me…so we ate breakfast together in the caf often. Then she’d invite me over for nail painting parties and by sophomore year we became roommates. I loved going to Blue Man Group with Brittany (even though the head usher was a total creep). I loved good chats and midnight movie premiers (fun fact-I’ve only been to midnight movies with Brittany). I loved taking Brittany up north with me for Easter one year, and watching Packer games with her and stopping in her dorm room a few late nights this past year.


I think you’re great, Brittany, and you know I’m among your biggest fans. You’re gonna do great things and I hope to stay in touch with you for a very long time!

Hipster Sunglasses


Check this out-

I had to go to the eye doctor today (per usual for every college student just home from summer with a need for a haircut, eye checkup, and visit to the dentist). Anyway, the doctor asked me THE question:

DR- Would you like your eyes to be dilated today?

ME- Um…How often do they need to be dilated?

DR- We recommend every 3-4 years.

ME- When is the last time I have had mine done?

DR- Well, our records go back to 2010 and I don’t have any records of dilation.

ME- Ok, well I guess I’ll do it. But I’m definitely not doing it again until 2017.

Yeah, I said that right to the eye doctor. What can I say, I’m an honest person! My eye doctor is a shy man so his mere response was a smirk (I think… everything got blurry at that point). Ew.

Nevertheless, I got “hipster sunglasses” with the added feature that they roll up and fit in my purse! At least I got a kick out of that.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 10.38.27 PM

I wonder how much of my life will be different by the next time I get my eyes dilated?