The Dutch Trio


I have been blessed with an amazing family. As I grow older, though, I realize that my family consists of more people than just the ones I’m related to.

I have two “bonus sisters,” Kara and Katie. We’ve grown up together. I don’t remember meeting them; like family, they have literally always been there. I could easily find old photos of them (it gets better: Katie’s family has all the video footage!).

In the recent past, when hashtags became a thing, we became the #DutchTrio. I love all of our outings, whether we’re on a road trip or within walking distance from my apartment.

In this particular day the #dutchtrio had our first Bloody Mary's. Kara doesn't even like tomato juice in the first place and Katie and I thought the ones we ordered were simply too spicy. On the bright side, we loved the "snacks" that came attached to the drink!

On this particular day the #dutchtrio had our first Bloody Mary’s. Kara doesn’t even like tomato juice in the first place and Katie and I thought the ones we ordered were simply too spicy. On the bright side, we loved the “snacks” that came attached to the drink! #pickles #cheese #sausage #LOL (photo cred, as always, goes to Katie’s BF Sean)


I Turned Twenty-Three


Good morning and happy Friday y’all! Last Friday I was celebrating my 23rd birthday and I have to say it was one of my favorite birthdays yet!

My bro and I went to Madison for a meeting about glass. (Seriously, I need to write a recycling post one of these days. Stay tuned!) We arrived to the city early so we got to go to Colectivo Coffee!

Notice the capitol building perfectly framed in the background. When it comes to pictures, Dan knows what he's doing!

Notice the capitol building perfectly framed in the background. When it comes to pictures, Dan knows what he’s doing!

After our meeting, Dan and I went to lunch with our sister Elizabeth. Talk about double perfection! I loved the quality time we shared together.

I got to squeeze in a workout after lunch, which was ideal. Never had I ever thought I would want to go to the gym on my birthday, but hey! Why not start out 23 on the right foot (wearing Nikes). 😉

Friendship, est. 1992.

Friendship, est. 1992.

I celebrated at night with Kara and Megan, two of my favorite friends. One of our stops was for fondue, and we wore fun hats.

The other thing I completely adored about my birthday was all the texts, instagram posts, facebook comments and messages, emails, and calls from the people I love thinking of me on my day.

I am thankful for my 23rd year. May it be a wonderful one!



Day-Old Buns


You get the concept. Yesterday’s buns are good enough for the next day! Maybe not QUITE as good as the first day but still completely acceptable.

You know I’m not talking about the food. I’m gluten-free for Pete’s sake!

I’m talking about the HAIRSTYLE that is called a bun. And I have found the concept to ring true with day-old buns. I try to apply the smallest amount of heat and products to my hair as possible (and my hair is healthier than ever and my hair-supply budget is happier than ever!)

I found a cool hairstyle tutorial on Pinterest that I applied to my newest board, “I Could Actually Do This.” I successfully achieved the hairstyle on Saturday night and it still looked great on Sunday!

When I met my sister for coffee, she matched my bun with an equally perfectly-imprefect bun.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.31.27 PM

Valentine’s Day Outing, Reviewed


I saw a cover band this Valentine’s day with Kara and Megan, two blonde pals. We endured the cold of the night to have a chance to dress cute and go out.


I’m glad we went… although we had a few laughs of the evening:

  • We didn’t know there was a cover charge… and you had to pay cash. I only had $7 to my name (shout-out to Kara for spotting me that final necessary $1).
  • I ordered a water at the bar and then got busy chatting with my friends. A second later I picked up a clear glass only to discover (a) I was drinking a SPRITE that (b) was not mine.
    The Germ Police should’ve showed up at that moment…
  •  At first people were only line dancing. Let this awkward girl (me) be the first to tell you, YOU CAN’T FAKE LINE DANCING. There is a right and a wrong way to line dance so I had to wait until a group of  girls started normal dancing. (Side note, turns out Megan picks up line dancing like she grew up on a freakin farm! SO impressive and SO opposite of Kara and me -ha!)
  • Party foul: the cover band took a break…that lasted forty minutes. They were, like, upset that not many people were dancing, and we wondered if the band was actually in the middle of some fight among themselves (if we were grading them on chemistry they’d probably get the same grade as I got in college – think: passing, but barely. Awk).
  • I realized that I’m spoiled because I’m used to seeing Bella Cain who is the best cover band I’ve ever experienced. So, go see Bella Cain and not the cover band I’m not mentioning due to my brutal review.

Although I’m assuming Valentine’s Day 2015 will not be the best Valentine’s Day of my life, it was spent with good company and somewhat decent music. I can’t complain (too much)!

I Can’t Help It If You Look Like An Angel


The serious country music fans will appreciate this post. Remember Taylor Swift’s second album, Fearless (released in 2008, what?!)? Anyways, one of the songs on that album is “Hey Stephen,” which is written about Stephen Barker Liles, from Love and Theft.

My friend Victoria calls me a groupie, and I definitely have been “groupie-esque” since 2008 or before. So, to break down how a fan-girl’s mind works:

  1. Hears Taylor Swift’s album “Fearless”
  2. Investigates Love And Theft
  3. Purchases Love And Theft’s first album (in 2009, what?!)

The rest is history. I’ve literally loved Love and Theft for half a decade some time now. When my friend Kara discovered that this duo would be in Milwaukee, we bought our tickets.

The venue had a wheel you could spin to win prizes. I spun the wheel and landed on “mystery prize.” I was asked if I wanted to meet the band with my friends.

Um. Yes.

Actually, it went more like this:


Kara and Megan, my partners in crime for the night, got to meet the band too.

Turns out Stephen and Eric are both really nice (and married, shucks); we got to chat and take pictures, and I got a selfie with Stephen, and even though this happened half a month ago I am still on cloud nine about it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.10.15 AM

All those other girls, yeah they’re beautiful,
But would they blog a post for you?

Honest Moment: I Looked Cute


My friend Lisa popularized the term “honest moment” when we were going camping and one gentleman who came with (Let’s call him Steve) was wearing khaki shorts, a pink polo and had Starbucks in hand. Lisa said,

“Hey Steve, can we have an honest moment? You look like you’re going to a yacht club, not camping.”

*Insert chuckle here; it was FUNNY!* You get the whole honest moment phrase concept, yes?

Here’s my honest moment: I think I looked real cute this one day, but barely anyone saw me… so this is me showing the world my adorable outfit.

ImageCute outfit made cuter with a matching purse 🙂

ImageAnd if you want a REAL honest moment, ask me where I bought the dress!

Thanks for humoring me in my little sideshow. Also, the pictures are blurry but let’s all just consider it an artsy touch, yeah?




If I had to describe this weekend in just one word, I’d choose “walking.” Kara and Katie slept over at my apartment last night. We walked to a nearby establishment and at least two (if not all three of us) had blisters before Sunday morning.

Enter: Sunday. The plan was to go out to lunch after church. Here’s the thing. We were full after lunch but still wanted something to do. I suggested we walk to Colectivo coffee, and after looking up the distance we realized it was about one mile away. Motivated Katie said we could totally walk there, and we all decided the small stroll would be a good idea.

Picture three blondes, wearing our Sunday dresses, (and high heels in my case) walking to a coffee shop underneath the hot sun. It was all fun and games until I realized a wrong turn. Half of our walk was in the wrong direction.

Luckily for me, I brought a spare pair of flip flops. Poor Katie resorted to bare feet for the second half of our extended walk.

Finally, we made it to Colectivo, had some refreshing drinks, and got back to my car all before it started to rain.

The result: three girls, laughing and limping with our newly formed blisters and memories. I’m so glad to have friends who can view this as a funny situation with me.


“I’ve never felt so old and so young and so old in the same weekend.” -Katie