All About Me… At The Moment


I just read my “Self-Interview” from February 2014. I have changed since then! Also regarding my post from 2014, I don’t recall Renee* from Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor but I was (apparently) a fan of her at the time.

Now that we have made it to Holiday Season 2016, here’s my life in bullet-point summary:

  • Listening To
    The Weight of these Wings (Miranda Lambert’s new double-album). Maren Morris. MKE Worship! Florida-Georgia Line. A lot of the top 40 songs right now. I’m getting REAL close to busting out Christmas music (I’m thinking about you, Pentatonix and A Very Kacey Christmas!)
  • Watching
    Lost, with my roommates. The Voice! Baby Daddy. Young & Hungry. I was watching Pretty Little Liars but that show was stressing me out so I have to pace myself on that one.
  • Reading
    I just finished See Me (by Nicholas Sparks- my first Nicholas Sparks book ever- can you believe it). Now I’m reading Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling and it’s cracking me up! I’m also slowly reading The Next Christians, one chapter at a time, and I love it.
  • Loving
    Starbucks. My current living situation. Black G-2 gel pens. Dry shampoo.
  • Hating
    Narrow bootie-shoes, since I cannot wear them (because, bunions. Ugh). Hate-posts on social media. Reptiles.
  • Crushing On
    Theo James. Halo Top ice cream. Bright orange-red nail polish.
  • Goals
    Find a new pair of glasses. Volunteer somewhere. Eat more protein, and less carbs, at night. Be nicer despite hangry-ness/tiredness.
  • Missing
    Wedding planning. My friends. Being warm.
  • Anticipating
    The arrival of my new nephew or niece! The holidays. An upcoming Maren Morris concert. (!!!!!!!)

Here is a picture of me in my “Katniss Pants” and with the shoes that give me awful blisters if I wear them too long/walk too far wearing them. I’m also wearing an excessive amount of dry shampoo. THIS IS REAL LIFE, PEOPLE.

I hope you feel sufficiently caught up on my life! What are YOU up to? I’d love to know in the comments.

*I just googled Renee from Juan Pablo’s season of the Bachelor. She was the one who looked like Jennifer Aniston. She WAS awesome!


Iced Coffee :: My Favorite Treat


I’m just gonna say it: I love iced coffee. The love affair began in college. I treasure memories running out of stats class in order to move my car close to my philosophy classroom building so that I could take friends to Dunkin’ Donuts after lecture but before the next class would begin (read: we had a ten minute time frame). We had the mini-trip down to a SCIENCE. Usually my friend Lisa and I would go, taking with a “new friend” or two to get in on the fun. Other times, I would walk to Dunkin with students I mentored or my roommate Allison. One time, a complete stranger bought a round for me and a group of friends! (Shout out wherever you are, Tommy Bahama Shirt Man!) Keep in mind Dunkin only charges $1. But still! Another time Lisa and I got “yelled at” in the drive through for ordering too many iced coffees in the drive through (“If you’re going to order THAT MANY you really need to come inside!” -Noted).

The iced coffee appreciation has continued past college, though. My absolute favorite iced coffee comes from Starbucks. I go through phases of how exactly my iced coffee is ordered (sometimes with soy and no sweetner, other times with coconut milk and 2 pumps sweetner, and if I want to go BIG it’s with light cream and 2 pumps of toffee nut).

Being the open-minded girl I try to be, I’m always down to try other versions of iced coffee other than Dunkin and Starbz. I will admit my recent trip to McDonalds did not yield the best results (#BUT4REAL how do you get “extra cream” out of “with just a teeny tiny bit of cream please”).

Bonus points for finding independent coffee shops to meet up with friends for iced coffee. (I’m thinking about the times I met up with Victoria and Kelly!) Being a Wisconsinite, I enjoy the Colectivo iced coffee (but my favorite bev there is the cappuccino with almond milk!)

Lots of people drink soda as an afternoon pick-me-up at work. I like iced coffee as my beverage to eagerly await after 1pm rolls around.


Iced coffee also tastes great in my car, with my sparkle sleeve and when my nails are painted ESSIE Saturday Night Disco. Just sayin’.

The Tree Doesn’t Fall Far From The Apple


My mom and I are similar in a lot of ways. In high school I used to joke that “the tree doesn’t fall far from the apple.” I know what you’re thinking, that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and that’s true, too. But I do believe that my mom drinks iced coffee because I introduced her to the delicious drink.

Last time Mom and I met up, we were both wearing blue and white sweaters with our aztec purses and Sperry’s.

Yesterday, Mom and I were both wearing gray shirts and denim pants, and sunglasses.

Regardless if it’s the apple or the tree, they obviously stick close to each other. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.21.50 AM

Rainy Weekend Solution: Coffee Shop


I have a thing where I go to the Starbucks drive-through whenever I go in to work early. On those week day mornings, I almost always order plain coffee (if we’re getting specific it’s a grande blonde roast with non-fat milk). But on the weekends if I get a chance to step up my fancy a bit, I love ordering cappuccinos-and enjoying the whole thing in the coffee shop. Today I ordered one of my favorites from Colectivo Coffee- a cappuccino with almond milk.Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.30.24 PM

Megan’s been drinking green tea (seriously I gotta jump on that train because its health benefits are phenomenal). Is a girl supposed to order a hot drink or a cold drink if it’s May but also cold and rainy? I chose the hot option, and Megan went with the iced green tea. I don’t think either of us went wrong.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.30.38 PM

I’m thankful that Megan and I were able to enjoy our favorite drinks together on this rainy weekend afternoon.

Day-Old Buns


You get the concept. Yesterday’s buns are good enough for the next day! Maybe not QUITE as good as the first day but still completely acceptable.

You know I’m not talking about the food. I’m gluten-free for Pete’s sake!

I’m talking about the HAIRSTYLE that is called a bun. And I have found the concept to ring true with day-old buns. I try to apply the smallest amount of heat and products to my hair as possible (and my hair is healthier than ever and my hair-supply budget is happier than ever!)

I found a cool hairstyle tutorial on Pinterest that I applied to my newest board, “I Could Actually Do This.” I successfully achieved the hairstyle on Saturday night and it still looked great on Sunday!

When I met my sister for coffee, she matched my bun with an equally perfectly-imprefect bun.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.31.27 PM

Honest Moment: I Looked Cute


My friend Lisa popularized the term “honest moment” when we were going camping and one gentleman who came with (Let’s call him Steve) was wearing khaki shorts, a pink polo and had Starbucks in hand. Lisa said,

“Hey Steve, can we have an honest moment? You look like you’re going to a yacht club, not camping.”

*Insert chuckle here; it was FUNNY!* You get the whole honest moment phrase concept, yes?

Here’s my honest moment: I think I looked real cute this one day, but barely anyone saw me… so this is me showing the world my adorable outfit.

ImageCute outfit made cuter with a matching purse 🙂

ImageAnd if you want a REAL honest moment, ask me where I bought the dress!

Thanks for humoring me in my little sideshow. Also, the pictures are blurry but let’s all just consider it an artsy touch, yeah?