(A Lot Of) December Health Tips


I’m happy to announce that I’m here with our final health tips for 2016!

Before I share the tips, I have a confession to make; something I realized about myself this summer when I was packing my things to move to a new condo.


Notice I didn’t say “I AM A HOARDER.” I’m truly not a full-fledged hoarder. However, in some aspects of life I hang on to way too much stuff. (Example: I stopped buying groceries approximately 4 weeks before I moved, and I still had food to move.)

What does my hoarding have to do with the December Health Tips, you ask? Great question! I unintentionally hoarded a whole bunch of tips from the Popsugar article I’ve been referring to throughout the year. So, congratulations, readers! Thanks to my tip-hoarding, here are a whole bunch of health tips that you can work on yet this year and bring with you to the new year!

  • Do squats while brushing your teeth. I am not in this habit, but it’s a decent challenge/idea.
  • Make overnight oats so you have breakfast ready for you in the morning. Oatmeal has GOT to be one of the best breakfasts ever. Overnight oats are super delicious; another good option is baked oatmeal.
  • Schedule an at-home workout. Heck, how about this: schedule ALL of your workouts. Each weekend I plan out the four times I will work out the following week. I find this to be key in fitness. On busy weeks, I have to plan ahead and go to the gym before work. When weeks are less busy, I space out my workouts so I’m not too sore by workout four.
  • Sleep eight hours a night for a week. Challenge accepted. I love beauty sleep. 🙂
  • Take healthy snacks to work. I back this tip 100%. Some snacks I recommend are: granola bars or protein bars (I’ve posted about my bar obsession here, but since then Luna and Cliff have released a few bars with lower sugar so check them out too!); Greek yogurt, an apple with peanut butter, popcorn, or healthy smoothies.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you. I do this and I highly recommend it for all! Side note, I need to WASH my reusable water bottle on a much more regular basis. (2017 New Year’s Resolution?)
  • When you are cold, don’t turn up the heat. Instead, do 10 push-ups. I have never thought to do this before but I am going to accept this as a challenge.

Whenever possible, I get in my first workout on Sunday. That way, I only have to find time for three more workouts for the rest of the week!

I hope some of these tips have inspired you. I know that I will be challenged this month and in 2017 with these!

May your days be merry and bright, and healthy and happy!





A Review On Making The Most Of Your Twenties


I love reading blogs, and one blog I’ve recently discovered is Career Girl Daily. Because I’m new to CGD I just today found one of their articles from February, called How to make the most of your twenties. I figured that would be a good post for me to read, cuz hey-I’m in my twenties! And I want to make the most of them!

The following ten items are the tips as posted (all credit to Beth from CGD) and the review is mine.

I love working out on the weekends! I have to recommend buying yourself some earbuds or headphones that won't fall out (so that you can't hear yourself "huffing and puffing")!

I love working out on the weekends! I have to recommend buying yourself some earbuds or headphones that won’t fall out (so that you can’t hear yourself “huffing and puffing”)!

  1. Try to start healthy habits. I like how she said TRY because sometimes us twenty-somethings go to concerts and they typically start at like 10pm so sometimes by 3am you’re starved and the 24 hour diner has omelets. But in all seriousness, now is the time to start healthy habits and I’m so glad I have made my health a priority-and now a lifestyle that I quite enjoy.

    Truly this guitar is a beauty. With campfire season coming up, I've gotta brush up on my skills (and by BRUSH UP, I mean ACQUIRE skills).

    Truly this guitar is a beauty. With campfire season coming up, I’ve gotta brush up on my skills (and by BRUSH UP, I mean ACQUIRE skills).

  2. Learn new things. I swear I’m not going to make all ten points be about the gym. But I did learn a lot through my training program. On another note, I bought a guitar last summer so I have some major learning-opportunities in that department. Oh, and I am constantlyyyyyy learning at work (on so many levels).
  3. Follow your dreams. Am I the only one whose dreams tend to change 24/7? Apparently dream-following is something I need to figure out in the next few years…

    Mockingjay, anyone? This dressing room situation might have had us laughing harder than ever.

    Mockingjay, anyone? This dressing room situation had us laughing harder than ever.

  4. Find your true friends. Found ’em! Without name-dropping I’m just gonna say that (1) family is forever, (2) life-time friends ARE family, and (3) new friends can be true friends, too 🙂
  5. Fight the fear. The twenties-decade is filled with NEW and CHANGE – so “fighting the fear” is inevitable, in my opinion. Shout-out to my college yoga instructor for teaching me how to hold myself in ways to physically calm my body down. Smile, breathe, and keep your feet planted on the ground! #yoga4lyfe 😉
  6. Manage your time, and money. Post college I’ve discovered that (1) I’m an “at least 8 hours of sleep person” and (2) now I have to pay for everythinggg including toilet paper. I’m working on time-management and money-management but I think both of these areas could use lifelong assessment and improvement.
  7. Breathe. Back to yoga! Beth’s point in this item was not to be too hard on yourself; this is important for me to hear! Being a twenty-something means I am still establishing myself and grounding myself, so I can-and should-give myself grace. Noted.

    Livin the twenty-somethin dream, right here.

    Livin the twenty-somethin dream, right here.

  8. Be independent. Honest moment, coming right up. I honestly think I am too independent in some areas of life… but in others I’m probably still too dependent. As in so many things, balance is key here.
  9. Be vulnerable. *Insert Secondhand Serenade song here because if you’re in your twenties you totally jammed to that song in high school or college.* Humbly asking for advice or taking responsibility for the mistakes I make is a big deal-sometimes easier said than done but important nonetheless.


    Striking a pose as all 23 year old besties should.

  10. Have fun. No wonder I love this article! Affirmation to work hard, and play hard too. Excellent.

I Should Be Sleeping


So this is how my night went:

11pm: I was really tired when I came home to my apartment last night (around 10:45). Assuming I was the last roommate home, I locked the deadbolt and put the chain on our door. Approximately 90 second later, I fell fast asleep.

Midnight: I wake up to the sound of music. My thought process: is it 6am? Do I need to get up now? Wait, this is my ringtone song, not my alarm song.

12:02: Answer phone, “hello?” Victoria’s on the phone. She just got out of work and was locked out! I stumble out of bed and open the door.

Me: (According to what Victoria told me this morning) Hi! Sorry! You look pretty! How are you doing?

Victoria: How about you go to bed and we’ll talk tomorrow.


Nothing like mid-sleep confusion to keep things interesting.