A Shirt Is Worth A Thousand Words

Health, Life

I am a big fan of the current trend of T-shirts with words. Here are some favorites I’ve found:


This shirt means “She Is Strong” and I love it. Website: ETSY


Equal parts sassy and true. LOVE IT. Website: ETSY


I’m not even an extreme hiking-girl but this shirt is really great. Website: HUMAN


With winter just around the corner, I can relate with this sweater. Website: HUMAN


YES to eating well, working hard, loving truly, and traveling often! YES also to this website, often sited by my favorite blogger (Katie Did What) Website: Riffraff


More things I love – a white porch, an ocean view, a cozy blanket and espresso! This dreamy sweater reminds me of something [Katie Did What] would wear. Website: Riffraff


But am I right? I really would wear this one. Website: Thuglife


Because I have LAKE HAIR even when I’m not at the lake. I’ve been into the “natural” look, OK? Website: Thuglife

What favorite graphic T’s have you found?



Christmas Wish List


I have a festive family-the kind that all shouts “Timber!” when my dad cuts down the Christmas tree. The kind that sings “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and “Roll Out The Barrel” at baseball games (even if the game is minor-league and no one else stands to sing). The kind that busts out maracas for our birthdays so we can shake them and exclaim, “it’s my birthday” just for the fun of it and to relive a funny memory from a road trip for good time’s sake.

My dad always jokes that he’s going to make a Christmas list with several pages, probably an appendix, and definitely pictures. So, I now present to you my illustrated Christmas list. Keep in mind this list is not exclusive and is merely ideas.

Here we go:


1. To-Go mug/Tumblr such as this Anne Taintor one.

2. Boots-maybe gray or black.

3. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book.

4. Cute clothes, like this shirt.

5. I love these leg warmers!

6. Scarves, perhaps from Etsy and preferably infinity scarves.

7. Cute dresses like this one. I can’t find the link, but I loooove the gold.

8. Basically anything from Paper Source but especially a calendar!

9. I could see myself wearing some kind of fur scarf like this.

10. I think this is the best sweater ever!

11. Artwork by Marc Johns or other artists I like (ie Kelly Rae Roberts, Leigh Standly, Amy Borrell, etc)


And that concludes this year’s illustrated Christmas Wish List. Cheers!