Rest & Hustle

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I am trying to get better at resting. Life is all about balance, right? My goal is to value rest and to balance hustling and resting.

Thankfully, I was able to go to Florida with my mom and auntie. Rollin’ with those two is definitely a restful and very pleasant experience.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.42.37 AM

Florida was definitely rest-heavy after a season of major hustling. I am feeling SO much better after this restful trip!



Rest Here, For A Minute


I’ve never had a strong opinion about the whole full moon thing and any implications mentioned about how people start acting crazy during the week of a fully waxed moon. I can’t say the heat usually gets to my head (though being dehydrated today did make give me a bit of a headache). The point is, I usually don’t believe that natural situations can alter my mood and feelings but this week I’m reassessing. I’ve been tired this week, waiting for energy to come. So far, I’ve been surprised with my lack of self-motivation.


I heard a sermon on rest about a month ago and I think this is what I need to work on. After speaking with my sister on the phone tonight, she reminded me to Take What I Need so my hope and prayer is that the rest of this evening, as well as early tomorrow morning, are restful times for me.

I am learning that rest is a discipline. Do you find it difficult to prioritize rest?

I am loving this weekend with my sister, Elizabeth. We have enjoyed an above-average amount of chill time, shopping time, and coffee time. I finally got to see The Great Gatsby (loooved it BTW). We ate at Noodles&Co (my favorite!) and we also got to attend a bachelorette party for our future sister-in-law, Melissa (gummy bears, enough said).

Elizabeth and I are planning to move in together in the beginning of 2014; we already have the place locked in and named. I cannot wait to share some exciting plans in the works regarding our new place.


Best dinner: 1/2 pesto cavatappi and 1/2 penne rosa. Both with rice noodles of course. #GFlife