Honest Moment: I Looked Cute


My friend Lisa popularized the term “honest moment” when we were going camping and one gentleman who came with (Let’s call him Steve) was wearing khaki shorts, a pink polo and had Starbucks in hand. Lisa said,

“Hey Steve, can we have an honest moment? You look like you’re going to a yacht club, not camping.”

*Insert chuckle here; it was FUNNY!* You get the whole honest moment phrase concept, yes?

Here’s my honest moment: I think I looked real cute this one day, but barely anyone saw me… so this is me showing the world my adorable outfit.

ImageCute outfit made cuter with a matching purse 🙂

ImageAnd if you want a REAL honest moment, ask me where I bought the dress!

Thanks for humoring me in my little sideshow. Also, the pictures are blurry but let’s all just consider it an artsy touch, yeah?



Hipster Sunglasses


Check this out-

I had to go to the eye doctor today (per usual for every college student just home from summer with a need for a haircut, eye checkup, and visit to the dentist). Anyway, the doctor asked me THE question:

DR- Would you like your eyes to be dilated today?

ME- Um…How often do they need to be dilated?

DR- We recommend every 3-4 years.

ME- When is the last time I have had mine done?

DR- Well, our records go back to 2010 and I don’t have any records of dilation.

ME- Ok, well I guess I’ll do it. But I’m definitely not doing it again until 2017.

Yeah, I said that right to the eye doctor. What can I say, I’m an honest person! My eye doctor is a shy man so his mere response was a smirk (I think… everything got blurry at that point). Ew.

Nevertheless, I got “hipster sunglasses” with the added feature that they roll up and fit in my purse! At least I got a kick out of that.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 10.38.27 PM

I wonder how much of my life will be different by the next time I get my eyes dilated?