November Health Tips


Friends and family, we have finally made it to November 2016. What a fun-filled-action packed month this is shaping up to be, including the World Series, the presidential election, the CMAs and with Starbucks distributing first green and then red cups!

I am going back to the basics with two health tips this month. I’m continuing with these ideas from the Popsugar article. I’m trying to be realistic when I choose the tips to make sure they’re do-able. (As opposed to 95% of the ideas on Pinterest of all the fancy and heavily detailed recipes, workout routines, crafts, events, etc.)

Tip 1: drink lemon water. The article says to begin your day with lemon water, but I would recommend drinking lemon water any time of the day. When I had a cold this summer, I found lemon water to be unbelievably refreshing. Lemon obviously also adds flavor to water, so adding lemon helps reach your daily water-drinking goals.

Tip 2: make your own salad dressing. I try really hard to keep my meal prep as simple and healthy as possible. Healthy and simple do not always go together and salad dressing is a great example of this! Friends, beware because there are some straight-up bad for you salad dressings and using them will (in my opinion) completely contradict your salad eating efforts. I am aware that there are some truly healthy dressings in grocery stores. However, if you want to be super healthy and keep things simple, you have another option! Use a little olive oil with apple cider vinegar as your dressing and you won’t be disappointed. Another bonus of this clever option is that you just might already have both ingredients in your pantry!

I challenge you to try one or both of these ideas this month!


July Health Tips


I have been busy doing very fun things lately (think: weddings and related fun activities/parties/celebrations). I’m still doing my best to prioritize my health. Again this month, I have more health tips from the Popsugar Easy Health Resolutions.

Both tips are food-focused this month. Everybody wants to believe that working out a lot can make you healthy. I believe that nutrition is actually the most important key to health. Here are two nutritional tips that are totally realistic:

Eat brown rice instead of white rice. Restaurant food can be inevitable during busy times. I have to say that Qdoba and Chipotle can be healthy if you are thoughtful and smart when ordering. I order a salad (in a bowl, without the taco shell and without dressing) with chicken, black beans, brown rice, salsa, and vegetables. I order guacamole, too, because I honestly cannot resist.

Eat a serving of fruit daily for a week. Be careful with fruit, though, because fruit can have lots of carbs and sugar. I recommend eating berries as the healthiest option. A frozen banana smoothie is a great option for a weekend pre-workout (note to self, post that recipe). I also love an apple with natural peanut butter as a morning snack. You’re always best off to eat carbs in the morning, so shoot for eating fruit early on in the day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.00.38 PM

I’m resurfacing this Instagram picture (and hashtag) from last year since this post was about food, and because #cutefruit.

March Health Tips


We’ve made it to March and it’s time for more health tips from the POPSUGAR article of “supereasy” health resolutions.

  1. Remember the breath
    Bring me back to college yoga! The instructor would constantly remind us to be mindful; to remember the breath. I find that mindfulness of breathing is helpful when I am doing cardio workouts. Mindful breathing is also important during stressful situations at work or even driving in the snow! Breathing deeply can send signals to your brain to calm down. Smiling has a similar effect.
  2. Stretch while watching TV
    Two thoughts here:
    Thought One: I am a big fan of stretching and I believe everyone could benefit from a few stretches every day based on body type, medical history, and job type. For example, I have weak hips so I need to stretch my hips regularly; I also have an office job so I stretch my neck after work.
    Thought Two: Love the idea to combine TV and fitness. Another option is to follow this workout while watching the Bachelor.
  3. Drink coffee without sweetener
    I have the biggest sweet tooth of all and I was able to switch from coffee with a lot of flavored cream to coffee with just a little nonfat milk. Now, I prefer my coffee with plain milk and I save many calories and grams of sugar every single day!
  4. Eat slowly
    Eating slowly helps your body know when it’s really full. Especially if I’m eating a small meal or snack, I try to drink lots of water, too, which slows down the eating process and helps me to fee fuller.

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