I Turned Twenty-Three


Good morning and happy Friday y’all! Last Friday I was celebrating my 23rd birthday and I have to say it was one of my favorite birthdays yet!

My bro and I went to Madison for a meeting about glass. (Seriously, I need to write a recycling post one of these days. Stay tuned!) We arrived to the city early so we got to go to Colectivo Coffee!

Notice the capitol building perfectly framed in the background. When it comes to pictures, Dan knows what he's doing!

Notice the capitol building perfectly framed in the background. When it comes to pictures, Dan knows what he’s doing!

After our meeting, Dan and I went to lunch with our sister Elizabeth. Talk about double perfection! I loved the quality time we shared together.

I got to squeeze in a workout after lunch, which was ideal. Never had I ever thought I would want to go to the gym on my birthday, but hey! Why not start out 23 on the right foot (wearing Nikes). 😉

Friendship, est. 1992.

Friendship, est. 1992.

I celebrated at night with Kara and Megan, two of my favorite friends. One of our stops was for fondue, and we wore fun hats.

The other thing I completely adored about my birthday was all the texts, instagram posts, facebook comments and messages, emails, and calls from the people I love thinking of me on my day.

I am thankful for my 23rd year. May it be a wonderful one!




Christmas Wish List


I have a festive family-the kind that all shouts “Timber!” when my dad cuts down the Christmas tree. The kind that sings “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and “Roll Out The Barrel” at baseball games (even if the game is minor-league and no one else stands to sing). The kind that busts out maracas for our birthdays so we can shake them and exclaim, “it’s my birthday” just for the fun of it and to relive a funny memory from a road trip for good time’s sake.

My dad always jokes that he’s going to make a Christmas list with several pages, probably an appendix, and definitely pictures. So, I now present to you my illustrated Christmas list. Keep in mind this list is not exclusive and is merely ideas.

Here we go:


1. To-Go mug/Tumblr such as this Anne Taintor one.

2. Boots-maybe gray or black.

3. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book.

4. Cute clothes, like this shirt.

5. I love these leg warmers!

6. Scarves, perhaps from Etsy and preferably infinity scarves.

7. Cute dresses like this one. I can’t find the link, but I loooove the gold.

8. Basically anything from Paper Source but especially a calendar!

9. I could see myself wearing some kind of fur scarf like this.

10. I think this is the best sweater ever!

11. Artwork by Marc Johns or other artists I like (ie Kelly Rae Roberts, Leigh Standly, Amy Borrell, etc)


And that concludes this year’s illustrated Christmas Wish List. Cheers!

My Sister Has The Best Sister


Now that I have a camera of my own, I’ve been on a constant lookout for a good background for any and every picture. Sometimes I find a cool background but lack a subject. Lucky for me, my sister was an excellent subject for the cute town we visited together on Sunday.


Cute right? She gets it from me 🙂

App I Love: A Beautiful Mess




I have been following the blog by Elsie+Emma from A Beautiful Mess for quite some time now, so I was thrilled when the two sisters released their own photo editing app! Here are some of my favorite pictures I edited with the app.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

For the Seniors


At the end of OutCry tonight, all the seniors stood in the middle of a very large circle and we all sang a favorite closing song:

My friends, may you grow in grace,
& in the knowledge of our Lord & Savior.
To God be the glory, now & forever!

Most of the seniors who have influenced my life might not even realize it. Ultimately, I’m thankful for all the upperclassmen who have set an example, extended a smile, took the time to get to know me. . . I have been blessed to get to know lots of students who were able to give me advice and a friendship. Blessings on your next chapter in life!