April Health Tips


Spring is a great time to re-focus on health goals, especially when the sun starts shining brighter and longer in the evening (Shout-out to Daylight Savings for that).

Again this month, the tips are from our Supereasy Health Resolutions (via Popsugar). Maybe it’s just me, but I find these pointers to be truly simple, effective things but also difficult things to make into habits!

  1. Turn off electronics 20 minutes before bedtime.
    I rarely have issues sleeping so for that reason I have never challenged myself on this one. In honesty, I probably should quit this habit. There are several articles and always new studies against the overuse of electronics. I absolutely love technology but I know I am someone who needs to scale back.
  2. Measure out food portions before eating.
    I am a big fan of healthy fats (especially avocados and peanut butter) but those calories can add up real fast when I don’t measure. I think it’s a good idea to measure most everything (or at least everything besides vegetables) to keep myself honest.
  3. Walk for 10 minutes, 3 times per week.
    I like this health tip because everybody has a spare 30 minutes per WEEK and I’m thinking the logic of this one would be to step outside and enjoy some fresh air. This tip sounds like a beneficial and do-able goal I want to try.

I, for one, feel challenged by these health tips! Let’s do this!

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February Health Tips


I’m back with more tips from the “supereasy” health resolutions from the article provided by POPSUGAR.

Here are the next four tips:

  1. Listen to motivational music
    Music is best for so many reasons! It can be motivating; it can instantly change your mood. It can inspire me to run faster and lift heavier. Music can help me to stay focused, too.
  2. Get outside for 10 minutes daily
    I need to take this advice! Going outside is a blast when it’s nice outside, and it’s important to take advantage of good weather.  But when the weather is not so nice, fresh air still has its benefits.
  3. Food journal for a period of time
    I kept a food journal for about six months when I joined the gym. I don’t regularly food journal anymore but I do think it’s a good idea to food journal at times. If you’ve never food journaled: see if your gym offers a website for food logging, or find an app to use (such as My Fitness Pal). If you HAVE food journaled: still consider logging your food for a few weeks to see if you’re staying on track.
  4. Floss before bed
    Another habit I need to develop! Flossing is so important yet many of us disregard this health tip. I do believe that if I develop the habit of flossing it will become routine AND my dentist will be happy with me!


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Saturday at the Market

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One Saturday morning, I went to a local farmers’ market. I decided to take a fashion risk and be a hipster, so I wore leg warmers with my shorts and flip-flops. Of course whenever I’m going for a hipster vibe I also wear my glasses.


Gotta love a partial selfie. Is there a separate term for that?

I didn’t buy anything at the market. After doing a once-around walk, I realized I was content just looking at all the fresh and beautiful things.

Spending time outside during summer is definitely time well spent. Even if I did come home empty handed.

Brunch Me


The perfect Sunday, according to me, consists of church, time spent with Kara, a good workout, and a nap. Yesterday I accomplished three of the four… the only thing missing was a nap, but I got to bed early so I ain’t even mad!

In church we sang Found In You which speaks a lot of truth in my life right now. I also got to see a few friends from small group. I love that I’m beginning to recognize and know people from church when I go.

I had a good workout at the gym. Sunday is my favorite day to work out because the gym is a lot emptier and I can do my own thing without competing for space and equipment. I finished my workout by going on a short run outside. Even though it’s not warm out, the sun was shining and the temperature was good for running.

I’m so glad Kara came to church with me. I love spending time with her! We went downtown after church for brunch. The food was delicious and the time spent together was spectacular!

I like to think the wind adds a little character to the picture. It was a breezy, beautiful day!

I like to think the wind adds a little character to the picture. It was a breezy, beautiful day!

Epic Weekend


I love shopping with my friend Kara. One time when we were at H&M we bought “Epic Weekend” shirts. I’m so glad I wore such “Epic Weekend” shirt this weekend because it was, well, epic.

I got to catch up with hometown friends at my friend Anna’s wedding. [The ceremony was beautiful AND we got to dance to great songs like “Uptown Funk” and “Shake It Off”]

I went to my first outdoor concert of the season. [BELLA CAIN IN THE RAIN but also in a very large tent…so we were high and dry, and they sang Big Red Wagon!]

I discovered a new boutique shop. [And justified buying a new dress because it was HOT and I was wearing jeans.]

I got iced coffee with my friend Ellie and we got to sit outside. [LOVE that girl.]

My BFF Katie got engaged. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).[Stay tuned for more pictures and happiness to follow!]

Megan and I are working on taking more pictures together. As cute as I FELT that night, I can't say I'm very content with the picture!

Megan and I are working on taking more pictures together. As cute as I FELT that night, I can’t say I’m very content with the picture!

What did y’all do this weekend?

I got to see my friend Victoria yesterday! I lived in an apartment with Victoria for my final semester of college, and I’m so glad we got to share that space and time together. V is a sweetie through and through, and I’m so glad we got to meet up for a nice walk and good food. The weather was beautiful so we spent all our time outside.

Victoria is a friend who taught me, by example, how to live a healthy life, think critically, and together, we learned how to cut loose every once in a while. Especially on Fridays 🙂

I cannot wait to visit Victoria in Arizona next month when we get to celebrate her wedding!

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