November Health Tips


Friends and family, we have finally made it to November 2016. What a fun-filled-action packed month this is shaping up to be, including the World Series, the presidential election, the CMAs and with Starbucks distributing first green and then red cups!

I am going back to the basics with two health tips this month. I’m continuing with these ideas from the Popsugar article. I’m trying to be realistic when I choose the tips to make sure they’re do-able. (As opposed to 95% of the ideas on Pinterest of all the fancy and heavily detailed recipes, workout routines, crafts, events, etc.)

Tip 1: drink lemon water. The article says to begin your day with lemon water, but I would recommend drinking lemon water any time of the day. When I had a cold this summer, I found lemon water to be unbelievably refreshing. Lemon obviously also adds flavor to water, so adding lemon helps reach your daily water-drinking goals.

Tip 2: make your own salad dressing. I try really hard to keep my meal prep as simple and healthy as possible. Healthy and simple do not always go together and salad dressing is a great example of this! Friends, beware because there are some straight-up bad for you salad dressings and using them will (in my opinion) completely contradict your salad eating efforts. I am aware that there are some truly healthy dressings in grocery stores. However, if you want to be super healthy and keep things simple, you have another option! Use a little olive oil with apple cider vinegar as your dressing and you won’t be disappointed. Another bonus of this clever option is that you just might already have both ingredients in your pantry!

I challenge you to try one or both of these ideas this month!


Year In Review


I think I lived up to This Is My Year! with all the fun and fantastic things I did in 2013. Big and small, I loved so much of this year.



Bonus memories of honorable mention:



Remembering Junior Year


Highlights from each month:

AUGUST: FYF! I had such a fun group this year that I loved seeing all year.

SEPTEMBER: Soccer games & a trip home for the fair.

OCTOBER: Homecoming, baby! What a huge event to be a part of.

NOVEMBER: The Festival of Lights parade was one of my favorite nights all semester.

DECEMBER: Roommate Christmas! Loved being with those important girls.

JANUARY: Italy, of course! Venice…Florence…Rome…Good sites, great group.

FEBRUARY: Valentine’s Party, including making plans for it with Victoria

MARCH: Celebrating my birthday after I recovered from the flu

APRIL: A variety of events including Tib Camping, Andy’s birthday, and the Golden Trolls.

MAY: Final ‘picnic’ with Alllison, and spending a lot of time with other good friends too!


Junior year…it’s been real!