All About Me… At The Moment


I just read my “Self-Interview” from February 2014. I have changed since then! Also regarding my post from 2014, I don’t recall Renee* from Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor but I was (apparently) a fan of her at the time.

Now that we have made it to Holiday Season 2016, here’s my life in bullet-point summary:

  • Listening To
    The Weight of these Wings (Miranda Lambert’s new double-album). Maren Morris. MKE Worship! Florida-Georgia Line. A lot of the top 40 songs right now. I’m getting REAL close to busting out Christmas music (I’m thinking about you, Pentatonix and A Very Kacey Christmas!)
  • Watching
    Lost, with my roommates. The Voice! Baby Daddy. Young & Hungry. I was watching Pretty Little Liars but that show was stressing me out so I have to pace myself on that one.
  • Reading
    I just finished See Me (by Nicholas Sparks- my first Nicholas Sparks book ever- can you believe it). Now I’m reading Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling and it’s cracking me up! I’m also slowly reading The Next Christians, one chapter at a time, and I love it.
  • Loving
    Starbucks. My current living situation. Black G-2 gel pens. Dry shampoo.
  • Hating
    Narrow bootie-shoes, since I cannot wear them (because, bunions. Ugh). Hate-posts on social media. Reptiles.
  • Crushing On
    Theo James. Halo Top ice cream. Bright orange-red nail polish.
  • Goals
    Find a new pair of glasses. Volunteer somewhere. Eat more protein, and less carbs, at night. Be nicer despite hangry-ness/tiredness.
  • Missing
    Wedding planning. My friends. Being warm.
  • Anticipating
    The arrival of my new nephew or niece! The holidays. An upcoming Maren Morris concert. (!!!!!!!)

Here is a picture of me in my “Katniss Pants” and with the shoes that give me awful blisters if I wear them too long/walk too far wearing them. I’m also wearing an excessive amount of dry shampoo. THIS IS REAL LIFE, PEOPLE.

I hope you feel sufficiently caught up on my life! What are YOU up to? I’d love to know in the comments.

*I just googled Renee from Juan Pablo’s season of the Bachelor. She was the one who looked like Jennifer Aniston. She WAS awesome!


February Vibes | My Update

Health, Life

We are almost through the short month of February! WINTER IS ENDING! MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING! EVERY LITTLE THING – IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT (that last phrase is intended to be read in song).

Here’s what I’ve been into this month:

Listening To: Carrie Underwood (Heartbeat); Kacey Musgraves (the whole Pageant Material album); Justin Bieber (even I am a Belieber these days and I can’t not sing “Love Yourself” aloud at the gym).

Wearing: ALL THE VESTS and ALL THE BOOTS. Basically, if it’s among my warmest wardrobe options, I’m wearing it.

Watching: Prison Break (what?) and The Bachelor. How’s that for a combination?

Reading: 2 Samuel (from the Bible) is the only book I’m reading right now. I really admire King David. He was quite the humble guy even though he had a lot to boast about! I will admit, there’s some weird stuff in this book as well.

Doing: working! exercising! meal-prepping! spending time with friends! exploring milwaukee! getting excited for my birthday!


Here’s to maximizing each day (and a shout-out to February 29 for existing this year)!


Baseball + Country Concert = Perfection


I have such fond memories of my junior year of college. When I was a junior, I lived with Allison. AND WE HAD SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER. We spent most of our free-time together, jamming to music, tweeting, and sipping Dunkin Donuts iced coffees.

Allison and I have a lot of things in common. We both love baseball and country music. When I heard that the Brewers had a Friday night game with a Joe Nichols concert afterwards, inviting Allison was a no-brainer!

Six of us attended the game/ concert combo… and I think it’s safe to say a grand time was had by all.

Here’s to more summer nights in great company!

Friends United = Happy Friends

Friends United = Happy Friends

Brunch Me


The perfect Sunday, according to me, consists of church, time spent with Kara, a good workout, and a nap. Yesterday I accomplished three of the four… the only thing missing was a nap, but I got to bed early so I ain’t even mad!

In church we sang Found In You which speaks a lot of truth in my life right now. I also got to see a few friends from small group. I love that I’m beginning to recognize and know people from church when I go.

I had a good workout at the gym. Sunday is my favorite day to work out because the gym is a lot emptier and I can do my own thing without competing for space and equipment. I finished my workout by going on a short run outside. Even though it’s not warm out, the sun was shining and the temperature was good for running.

I’m so glad Kara came to church with me. I love spending time with her! We went downtown after church for brunch. The food was delicious and the time spent together was spectacular!

I like to think the wind adds a little character to the picture. It was a breezy, beautiful day!

I like to think the wind adds a little character to the picture. It was a breezy, beautiful day!

Welcome Here


My roommate Megan and I have been attending some worship nights led by MKE Worship (check them out!). Last weekend we sang the song called “Holy Spirit” and I have been dwelling on these words:

Let us become more aware of Your presence.

Although I couldn’t find a video of MKE worship singing this song, I found a really lovely version by Abigail, Nathan & Peta. Listen to the first six minutes or so. Que the chills! [WATCH HERE].

What a lovely prayer!

We Did It For The Mug


Can I just say that I love living close to Miller Park? I sure picked a prime season to move to the area, since the Brewers are having such a great season (though I shouldn’t speak too soon- the Brewers tend to start out strong most years). Anyways, I’m so glad that I could celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some of my favorite Wisconsin ladies at the Brewers game!


Overpriced beverages at the stadium.
“We did it for the mug.”

Other bonus features of the evening included “tailgaiting” IN Kara’s car, paying for budget parking but being directed to a VIP spot, annnnnnd meeting a majority of the employees from my local Best Buy.

I loved spending Monday with this great group of girls, and I look forward to more fun times with them this summer (and beyond).

PS: Photo credit for this one is Kara; i’m so happy with how the picture turned out! And a shout-out goes to Katie because she was the fourth and final friend at the game.