Fall Leaves, Quality Time, & The Youngest Two


I have so many fond memories of growing up among my seven cousins. Due in part to our shared lake home in Northern Wisconsin, we created bonds and shared many good times. I was the youngest, which meant I had a slew of role models, play mates and even chauffeurs by age six!

Maybe what’s even more special is the closeness we still share today. I hear from many of my cousins on a regular basis. We have gone to each other for advice, taken trips together, and even stood up in each others’ weddings.

Kasey is the second-to-youngest cousin. The two of us spent last Saturday together. Oh how I so loved our one-on-one time together!

Our time together wasn’t technically one-on-one though, as the Little Baby she is carrying was so evidently with us as well!


Here’s to the beautiful fall leaves, semi-sketchy alleys (but who were those weird guys who walked by?) and quality time with my dear cousin.


The Seven Semesters: #3


Sophomore year began with a great start. I moved into my on-campus apartment, met my fabulous RD and began training to mentor the new freshmen. I adored my co-mentors and hit the jackpot with a stellar FYF group.


I had the pleasure of befriending Cassie right away when she transferred in. I’m glad to say we have been friends from right off the bat! This picture comes from a field trip; Danielle and I were in music class together, and Cassie was in the other section. The three of us bonded over this trip!


I lived with a soccer player and a volleyball player, a nursing major and a music major. Needless to say, there was a lot of coming and going to and from our room!


Abby and I planned a surprise going away party for Victoria to send her off before her Ecuador semester. I loved this special night out with the girls.

Though sophomore year was not my favorite, the fall semester wasn’t so bad. I loved my World Poverty economics course, and I got through chemistry class (thanks to Kirsten for helping me out with that one). I became Ambassador for the Light and Leadership Initiative and, on a very different note, I continued my gluten-free diet for the first time as a college student!

The Seven Semesters: #2


What do you call a freshman without a lanyard or any major-specific courses? A second-semester freshman.

The scariest thing going into that second semester was doing college without my sister (a Peru post will surely be coming in the future!). My classes were gen-eds and basic business prerequisites. I became friends with Allison in history class (I think I was a bad influence on her, though I think we both came out with A’s). I found my few but fabulous go-to businesswomen classmates throughout my classes freshman year, too. By the beginning of second semester, when I saw the same handful of women in class, I realized these were the ladies who were sticking around.

Another memorable event that happened this semester, was that the Packers won the Super Bowl!


Two words to describe this semester? Five. Crowns. A group of us played every night. What great memories!


Brittany and Bex often opened up their dorm room to me, Danielle and Kirsten. We did a lot of nail painting and chatting in their upstairs space.

Freshman year, I learned a LOT about life, a little about survival skills (shout-out to my¬†Intro to Management classmates!) and I became more independent. I learned what “The Amazing Race” consists of (and I would not recommend joining a team with athletes if you are, in fact, not a college athlete). My friends and I went line dancing. I visited downtown Chicago, and made music videos, and met more college friends to hang out with.

I signed up for my sophomore year classes and housing, and cried when I had to head home for summer. I didn’t want to leave my new home and all the wonderful people I befriended in those short nine months.

Bachelorette Bash: A Recap


I attended a bachelorette party this weekend celebrating three soon-to-be-brides. The party was a lot of fun–I loved seeing a lot of good friends and spending time with them is becoming more special each time. Oh, and I planned the event too!


The three brides: Danielle, Abby, and Victoria.


Spending time with good friends, and getting to know others better, was special.


We had a great group of ladies. Fun was had by all!

Fun-Filled, Action-Packed


My family used to volunteer to watch kids occasionally in our church’s nursery. When parents would bring their children in, my dad would always ask,

Are YOU ready for a fun-filled, action-packed time?

That same phrase has come to my mind several times-this week, and this semester. Knowing how fast three years of college flew, I was convinced my final four months would vanish in the blink of an eye. And that’s just what happened.

I use art to process events, so I’ll be posting about more snapshots of specific adventures that happened at the end of this semester. I’m also making a Smash Book (yay!) and I’m excited to see where that brings me.

In the meantime: a huge THANK YOU to

  • My family, for supporting me fully through this journey
  • All the older people who “poured into me” and helped me to grow-RAs, RDs, professors, campus leaders . . .
  • Everyone involved in FYF- the directors, my co-mentors, and all those freshmen and transfer students who shaped my life more than anyone would imagine
  • My roommates, for teaching me how to live with people (and that’s not always easy!)
  • LLI– for allowing me to visit Peru in January, 2011 and for shaping my life because of it
  • Work- because everybody in the office was hospitable and kind, and you all taught me so much about real life work (and event planning, and baby bibs and etc etc)
  • The Businesspeople- profs and classmates, for teaching me so much about marketing and management and life. And for giving me a reason to become a little sassy.
  • My friends- you know who you are, and I’m going to miss you all, and I hope you come visit me!
  • The Mail Center- because obv y’all deserve your own shout-out, and because my day was always a little better after visiting you guys
  • Maybe also a S/O should go for Dunkin Donuts because I probs couldn’t have passed my classes without the caffeine. So thanks for that.

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 7.32.23 PM

There’s one thing left to say…

Go Trolls!



I took a trip to Florida with some of my favorite girls. We took lots of pictures (and walks along the beach!), went shopping, ate delicious food, chatted, laughed, got a little too close to a few chameleons, etc etc. A great time was had by all!


Picture is a collage of instagram photos as displayed by iPhoneogram ( I didn’t know that was a thing until today)

My Friend Megan A



My good friend Megan celebrated her birthday just under one month ago. I never wrote a post for her but I love her lots and she deserves a shoutout.

Megan- I loved getting to know you well this year! You have been a significant blessing in my life over the past twelve months and I appreciate and admire you. From ULA class to MWF lunch dates to the Cubs game and several shenanigans… I love so many memories with you and I’m thankful to be your friend!