Birthday List


I’m turning 26 in a few short weeks. I don’t feel old but this is one of those dud birthdays where the only thing that changes with age is that I can no longer be on my parents’ insurance. Well, it was nice while it lasted. 🙂

Mom asked me for a birthday list, so here we go:

I would like a backpack. I like this Frye one and I’m loving this Herschel one.

I do have my eye on these dusty rose boots.

On my mature/responsible side, I’d like a new crock pot (any) or a French Press (any but here’s one I like from Target.)

I would also love new clothes or tickets to any fun experiences! Anything you think I would like, I will!


Country Favorites: Summer 2017


Even though it’s technically still spring, summer music is undoubtedly here.

Some of my favorites:

  • Body Like A Back Road (Sam Hunt) Talk about one of those instant feel-good jams. Goin 15 in a 30, I ain’t in no hurry, Imma take it slow just as fast as I can.
  • Craving You (Thomas Rhett & Maren Morris) Two of the top most popular country artists collaborating. What a beautiful thing!
  • Happy People (Little Big Town) This song has the best vibe and super solid lyrics too. Personal favorite line…Happy people don’t fail; happy people just learn.
  • The Fighter (Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood) Am I the only one who has a significant urge to kick-box when I hear this song? I’m still thinking about a full out routine to go with the song…
  • For Her (Chris Lane) Maybe the most adorable song ever-check it out.
  • Greatest Love Story (LANCO) This song is the first LANCO song I ever did hear and let me tell you they just might become a favorite of mine. If you have not yet heard this song, check. it. out.
  • No Such Thing As A Broken Heart (Old Dominion) Another extremely catchy song with excellent lyrics.
  • Round Here Buzz (Eric Church) This is a JAM! I have heard really great things about Eric’s Holding My Own tour and I just just imagine him singing this one live.
  • You Broke Up With Me (Walker Hayes) One of my gym buddies caught me jammmmmmming to this tune last week in my car…I had no idea he was driving in the lane next to me… The tune/lyric combination is on point. Do yourself a favor and listen to this one.

My Mom Is The Bomb


See what I did there, with the rhyming post title? I figured I can be a little cheesy/clever in honor of my mom’s birthday. One great thing about my mom’s birthday being just six days before Christmas is that I’ve always been around to celebrate with her! Unlike most years when mom makes her own birthday dinner, we went to Dan and Melissa‘s house to celebrate this year. A great time was had by all!

I hardly know where to start as far as saying how/why my mom is the bomb, so here’s five reasons:

  1. 99.9% of the time she is supernice (yes I just quoted Jenna Marbles there). But it’s true! My mom is super thoughtful and compassionate, always caring for the feelings of others.
  2. She’s the best shopper out there. My mom and I have spent so much quality time together in boutiques and malls.
  3. She is a hard worker; she’s self-motivated and determined. She gets tons of food and housework organized for holiday parties, she always has the yard looking good and she scrubs the floor without complaining.
  4. She has her priorities straight. By example, she taught me to take care of nice things but that materialism isn’t anything to stress about- I’m so thankful my mom never yelled at me for chipping a dish, and for never freaking out about lost/stolen stuff.
  5. She loves life. I’m thankful to see my parents thriving in this empty nest stage of life. My mom has the house decorated all cute for Christmas, she’s always down to play a game, she still appreciates a good frappuccino or making a stop for frozen yogurt…basically she’s really fun and I love her for it.

Of course there is nothing exhaustive about this list, and I can confidently say these five items do not do justice to the awesomeness of my mom. But basically she’s the bomb and I love her!

ImageThree pictures, from 1993ish, 1999ish, and 2009ish, displaying our natural tendencies to match.

Christmas Wish List


I have a festive family-the kind that all shouts “Timber!” when my dad cuts down the Christmas tree. The kind that sings “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and “Roll Out The Barrel” at baseball games (even if the game is minor-league and no one else stands to sing). The kind that busts out maracas for our birthdays so we can shake them and exclaim, “it’s my birthday” just for the fun of it and to relive a funny memory from a road trip for good time’s sake.

My dad always jokes that he’s going to make a Christmas list with several pages, probably an appendix, and definitely pictures. So, I now present to you my illustrated Christmas list. Keep in mind this list is not exclusive and is merely ideas.

Here we go:


1. To-Go mug/Tumblr such as this Anne Taintor one.

2. Boots-maybe gray or black.

3. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book.

4. Cute clothes, like this shirt.

5. I love these leg warmers!

6. Scarves, perhaps from Etsy and preferably infinity scarves.

7. Cute dresses like this one. I can’t find the link, but I loooove the gold.

8. Basically anything from Paper Source but especially a calendar!

9. I could see myself wearing some kind of fur scarf like this.

10. I think this is the best sweater ever!

11. Artwork by Marc Johns or other artists I like (ie Kelly Rae Roberts, Leigh Standly, Amy Borrell, etc)


And that concludes this year’s illustrated Christmas Wish List. Cheers!

Post-College To Do List


Dreading the future can be easy for people in my position–folks who are leaving college and starting that dreaded work grind can be intimidating and, at times, depressing. But I’m excited for some fun things to look ahead for:

  • Ice skating regularly
  • Making a Project Life book
  • Using more time to make art
  • Becoming a better Bucks fan
  • Trying out for a community musical
  • Living in the Cteve Hut
  • Going Up North
  • Taking weekend trips with friends
  • Rediscovering the Sunday nap

The list has just begun! Here’s to looking ahead for good times to come.