Musings of This Week


I did not feel like a “real adult” this week. I stayed up late and watched TV. My room was a mess and I had to go to Walgreen’s after work because we literally ran out of toilet paper completely.

You know the Sam Hunt song that goes, “if you wanna be a homebody-we gonna have a house-party”? That was the theme for Megan’s birthday. Give us a Birthday Badge, banana ice cream, and Netflix, and you’ve got a pair of content ladies.

After two bad hair days, I busted out my straightener this morning and paid some much-needed attention to my hair. Thankfully today’s weather is absolutely beautiful (low humidity and sunshine!) so for once this week I’m not embarrassed of my physical appearance.

Yesterday I took a trip to Wal-Mart and bought the brand new Kelsea Ballerini album. I fell in love with her music right away and I’ve been jammin ever since (current favorites: Dibs, XO and Underage).

On Tuesday Megan and I went to see Pitch Perfect 2. Gotta love $5 Tuesdays. We brought huge purses and stuffed them with our own popcorn and other snacks. We arrived late so we had to sit in the front. And Fat Amy came in like a wrecking ball…

I attempted making healthy cookies last night. And I was disappointed by the outcome. (Note to self: Stick to CHOCOLATE COVERED KATIE when it comes to healthy desserts. Why did I stray the path?!).

This week I didn’t feel like an adult. AND I LOVED IT.

Have a great weekend y’all!


Day-Old Buns


You get the concept.¬†Yesterday’s buns are good enough for the next day! Maybe not QUITE as good as the first day but still completely acceptable.

You know I’m not talking about the food. I’m gluten-free for Pete’s sake!

I’m talking about the HAIRSTYLE that is called a bun. And I have found the concept to ring true with day-old buns. I try to apply the smallest amount of heat and products to my hair as possible (and my hair is healthier than ever and my hair-supply budget is happier than ever!)

I found a cool hairstyle tutorial on Pinterest that I applied to my newest board, “I Could Actually Do This.” I successfully achieved the hairstyle on Saturday night and it still looked great on Sunday!

When I met my sister for coffee, she matched my bun with an equally perfectly-imprefect bun.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.31.27 PM