Post-College To Do List


Dreading the future can be easy for people in my position–folks who are leaving college and starting that dreaded work grind can be intimidating and, at times, depressing. But I’m excited for some fun things to look ahead for:

  • Ice skating regularly
  • Making a Project Life book
  • Using more time to make art
  • Becoming a better Bucks fan
  • Trying out for a community musical
  • Living in the Cteve Hut
  • Going Up North
  • Taking weekend trips with friends
  • Rediscovering the Sunday nap

The list has just begun! Here’s to looking ahead for good times to come.


Funny How A Melody Sounds Like A Memory


One thing I love about music is that a few notes can instantly bring me back to a specific memory. I’m in Starbucks with my iTunes on shuffle and “Why Can’t I” comes on. I do believe the song was released in the 2003-2004 era, but the song brings me to my best friend’s basement right after we graduated from high school.

Her party took place on a rainy day, so guests couldn’t be outside as they originally planned. To get out of the way, I went downstairs with a bunch of friends. We ran into a random variety of people downstairs, so we decided to do karaoke or some other PS2 singing game. I sang “Why Can’t I.” And “Twist and Shout.”

I’m thinking of my BFF thanks to iTunes shuffle today!

The beautiful thing is- I’ve got a lot of songs like that. I love hearing a song and thinking of fond memories. Don’t get me wrong- some of songs bring me back to not-such-fond memories, too, but I think that’s special. Music is cool like that.


As me what song reminds me of you  🙂