Valentine’s Day Outing, Reviewed


I saw a cover band this Valentine’s day with Kara and Megan, two blonde pals. We endured the cold of the night to have a chance to dress cute and go out.


I’m glad we went… although we had a few laughs of the evening:

  • We didn’t know there was a cover charge… and you had to pay cash. I only had $7 to my name (shout-out to Kara for spotting me that final necessary $1).
  • I ordered a water at the bar and then got busy chatting with my friends. A second later I picked up a clear glass only to discover (a) I was drinking a SPRITE that (b) was not mine.
    The Germ Police should’ve showed up at that moment…
  •  At first people were only line dancing. Let this awkward girl (me) be the first to tell you, YOU CAN’T FAKE LINE DANCING. There is a right and a wrong way to line dance so I had to wait until a group of  girls started normal dancing. (Side note, turns out Megan picks up line dancing like she grew up on a freakin farm! SO impressive and SO opposite of Kara and me -ha!)
  • Party foul: the cover band took a break…that lasted forty minutes. They were, like, upset that not many people were dancing, and we wondered if the band was actually in the middle of some fight among themselves (if we were grading them on chemistry they’d probably get the same grade as I got in college – think: passing, but barely. Awk).
  • I realized that I’m spoiled because I’m used to seeing Bella Cain who is the best cover band I’ve ever experienced. So, go see Bella Cain and not the cover band I’m not mentioning due to my brutal review.

Although I’m assuming Valentine’s Day 2015 will not be the best Valentine’s Day of my life, it was spent with good company and somewhat decent music. I can’t complain (too much)!


When We Do Weekends


Lisa and I came up with this phrase once,

When we do weekends,
We. Do. Weekends.

ImageThis picture was taken at our most recent GNO. Being out and about on the town with these ladies was a fun and a solid way to kick-start our weekend. We had a great time eating, chatting, and perusing stores that were open late as it was literally Girl’s Night Out (yeah, that’s actually a thing in some small towns).

Hot 10 Summer Countdown


Without even trying to have a perfect number I conveniently came up with ten highlights of summer 2013:

1: Annie’s Bachelorette Party. I loved hanging out with all the ladies and having a really fun time just being together. Planning the bash with my BFF Kate was fun, too. And of course the “Bride In The Middle!” pictures.



2. Annie and Travis Getting Married. I loved the wedding, and the reception was exceptionally fun, too. What a beautiful day and a great couple!



3. Going Up North. Of course if we have to get specific, going up north for the Fourth is the best, but in reality I loved each visit to the northern woods.



4. Megan and Ben’s Wedding. July 13 was a long anticipated day, and there were so many special elements to the whole wedding weekend. Standing up for the couple was a true honor, being able to visit with most of my close friends was great, and flying by myself was a new experience! Image

5. Florida Georgia Line for cheap at a county fair. Somebody in our group discovered a freakishly short line to get in, too, which was clutch.


6. Ten Years of Jilli And The Overheads. Our “band” happened just a few weeks ago, but I loved seeing some good friends and creating lots of memories throughout the week.Image


7. Establishing the Cteve Hut. Have I mentioned that our apartment adviser/coordinator is my new best friend? Yeah we talk… #kiddingnotkidding ha. Anyway Cteve Hut is great and it breaks my heart a little that I can’t just be there.




8. Seeing Danielle punctually after her engagement. I am glad it worked to meet up with Danielle. Fun fact- she’s my only college friend I have visited every summer 🙂



9. I Hope It Rains video with Lauren & Jilli. I love when the two sets of sisters get together, and though our locations and schedules disagreed for most of this summer, we are hopeful to begin regular hangout times again in the future.


10. Girl Trip to Florida. I hardly know what to even say about this one. We did a lot of shopping, sun-time…and the eight of us drove everywhere in a seven passenger SUV. Honestly, the trip was perfect.



I just know there are memories to be made for the rest of 2013; I’m so excited to discover whatever may come my way!


The Bachelorette


Everyone who’s thinking I’m taking about Des…I’m not. I’m talking about a much-more-amazing and no-longer-a bachelorette: Megan!

I’m so glad I was able to arrive in Iowa early enough to celebrate with Megan and other friends for her bachelorette party. Megan’s MOH Marisa did a fantastic job planning the party and everyone had a great time. Even quirky games and hilarious entertainment aside, catching up with all the girls was really special.

ImageMegan’s hometown is a little corner of heaven. I love the small town hospitality, friendly people and the bright moon shining at night. Within this small corner of heaven is a little hangout place where we ate dinner for the party. I. Was. In. Love! (note to self: dream job would be to own a place just like this…to get people to come, maybe Ben would sing there! *hint hint*).

A good time was had by all; the party set a great tone for the wonderful weekend ahead!



I was able to celebrate with some girls from home before our good friend Annie gets married next weekend!


Summer is the perfect time for lemonades with fresh fruit!

ImageKara took this picture, and I love how it turned out
(after convincing my friends it’s OK to take pictures in an alley!)

ImageI love this “BRIDE IN THE MIDDLE!” picture.


Congratulations, Annie and Travis! I can’t wait for the big day!