Post-College To Do List


Dreading the future can be easy for people in my position–folks who are leaving college and starting that dreaded work grind can be intimidating and, at times, depressing. But I’m excited for some fun things to look ahead for:

  • Ice skating regularly
  • Making a Project Life book
  • Using more time to make art
  • Becoming a better Bucks fan
  • Trying out for a community musical
  • Living in the Cteve Hut
  • Going Up North
  • Taking weekend trips with friends
  • Rediscovering the Sunday nap

The list has just begun! Here’s to looking ahead for good times to come.


Now Presenting: A Blast From The Past



Here’s a picture from 2008! Seems like yesterday but from the looks of these four individuals I can assure you that this picture was taken long ago indeed . I always get a kick out of this photo for many reasons. Our faces. Our getup. Dan’s hat. The background. Those golden Up North memories.

I chose to resurface this gem (as I periodically post on facebook, twitter, whatever social media site is hot at the moment- in fact this particular pic may even be on MySpace- if it didn’t seem old enough already…) Anyway I chose to resurface this gem because tonight I’m missing Elizabeth, Dan, and Katie. I know I’ll get to see all three of them in the fairly-near future (yay!) but every once in a while I just wish we could be getting ice cream cones at Northern D’Lights together.