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I turned twenty-six years old a few weeks ago. I have much to be thankful for! Here are a few things my twenty-six-year-old self is into these days:

  1. My favorite celebrity, Erin Oprea. She is a #girlboss at her finest and has inspired me to LIVE healthier. Examples: staying active, celebrating a healthy lifestyle, enjoying treats in moderation, taking beet juice shots (!), the occasional tabata (how do you pronounce it though?!) and being realistic in regards to health. Put forth good efforts and don’t beat yourself up for taking a break or having a treat.
  2. Fayetteville, North Carolina! I visited my friend Victoria and her baby daughter for a quick trip. I. LOVED. OUR. TIME. TOGETHER. And, green grass was cool to see as well.
  3. I’m still Maren Morris’s #1 fan. I love her in that new hit song The Middle; and she recently released Rich as a single (IT. IS. A. JAM!) and she’s marrying Ryan Hurd really soon (#GettinMurd, and no I did not make up that hashtag). You go girl, stay beautiful, don’t change, etc.
  4. The Psalms (from the Bible). I’ve been reading a Psalm a day and WOW. There is some really good stuff in the Psalms. The Psalms allow me to reflect on the character of God; he is unchanging in character and his love is unfailing. Also, Psalm 33:6 says, “The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all the stars were born.” (Listen to a related song, So Will I, as recorded to Tori Kelly. SO GOOD on SO MANY LEVELS.)

February Vibes | My Update

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We are almost through the short month of February! WINTER IS ENDING! MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING! EVERY LITTLE THING – IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT (that last phrase is intended to be read in song).

Here’s what I’ve been into this month:

Listening To: Carrie Underwood (Heartbeat); Kacey Musgraves (the whole Pageant Material album); Justin Bieber (even I am a Belieber these days and I can’t not sing “Love Yourself” aloud at the gym).

Wearing: ALL THE VESTS and ALL THE BOOTS. Basically, if it’s among my warmest wardrobe options, I’m wearing it.

Watching: Prison Break (what?) and The Bachelor. How’s that for a combination?

Reading: 2 Samuel (from the Bible) is the only book I’m reading right now. I really admire King David. He was quite the humble guy even though he had a lot to boast about! I will admit, there’s some weird stuff in this book as well.

Doing: working! exercising! meal-prepping! spending time with friends! exploring milwaukee! getting excited for my birthday!


Here’s to maximizing each day (and a shout-out to February 29 for existing this year)!


Sideshow || Anniversary

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Today is my three year blogiversary with WordPress! My little blog was called “This Is My Year” at the time. I have to admit that 2013 was one kickin’ year, which included a trip to Italy, my 21st birthday (but that’s another story), living in two amazing housing situations; special weddings AND graduation from college.

Pre-story! I actually had a cutie-little blog, All About Cteve, which was launched my sophomore year of college; I ended that blog mainly because I ran out of free photo space on that page (I’m Dutch, need I say more?!).

I didn’t want to be vain, though, and knowing I was coming off of an amazing high which was college, I figured it would be a bit unrealistic to call 2014 “[This Is] My Year,” too, so I went with the general “sideshow” and have decided to stick with that name, for the time being at least.

When I fell in love with Gym (see what I did there?), I cut back on the #bloglyfe BIG TIME. But I missed blogging, and I still enjoy blogging, and I’m not ready to give up blogging. That being said, my posts are indeed fewer and farther between, but I also don’t intend for them to stop anytime soon. How’s that  for vague?

So I will continue with my little life blog. Stay tuned for whatever I want to share, whether it’s health tips or silly stories and fashion or songs or some new gig I may get into some day.

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Since this is a sentimental post already, here was my 2015 best nine (left to right and then top to bottom) Meeting Love & Theft | Becoming an Auntie | Time with my family | Time with my TRIO | Florida vacation | Visits from Brittany | Quality cousin time | Having a group of “local friends” | Summer memories including Allison’s visit and baseball games.

I’m Thankful


I am finding myself in a place where I feel that I deeply and truly have so many things to be thankful for.

I’m thankful that we had a nice and long mild fall.

I’m thankful for my friends; for their willingness to drive to meet up, and for those who are very close by.

I’m thankful for my church and my small group, and for the friendship and encouragement I receive from them.

I’m thankful for my awesome family and for their consistency in my life.

I’m thankful for my roommate; for her positive spirit, grounded heart, and genuine friendship.

I’m thankful for my job; for the fun I have in the workplace, for the satisfaction of hard work and for the people I get to work with.

I’m thankful for my health; for the things I learn and apply about diet and exercise, and for the joy it brings in my life.

I’m thankful for America; for its beauty and vastness and for those who have served and are serving to protect its people.

I’m thankful for amazing grace and for the salvation I have received through Christ alone.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving Day; a time where America stops to dwell on the good things in life. For a day to gather together and eat and enjoy the company of others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give Thanks Free Printable | Hearts & Sharts

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My Blonde Friends


Visiting Katie was one of the best weekends of this whole year! I always love spending quality time with Katie and Kara. I think we had a good balance of outings and time in; just being together was enjoyable regardless of where we were.

Katie was an amazing hostess and trip planner. She opened her home (and lots of bags of snacks) to ensure Kara and I maximized our vacation time.

IMG_2224Love this picture of my adorable blonde friends lovin’ life (and coffee)!

#DutchDuo Flies to DC


Kara and I visited Katie in Washington, D.C. last weekend. We had an amazing time! The vacation’s goal was to spend quality time together, and we definitely nailed it.

Our trip officially began when Kara and I arrived at our airport. We had pizza for lunch and we each bought a book to read during our flight.

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Kara and I each bought books that were perfect for us! I’m loving #GIRLBOSS so far and Kara said Yes Please is great, too!

We had a good laugh when the woman who sold us our books asked us, “Why are you buying books? Aren’t you going to talk to each other?” We laughed and said, “We’re gonna be spending a LOT of time together over the next few days.”

Saturday Night Disco Fever


I named this blog post after my favorite nail polish color (pictured HERE), but literally this post is all about last Saturday [night]. Ryan married Justine and I had so much fun celebrating their life together, and catching up with so many college friends.

I got to town early (shout-out to my sister for road tripping with me!) and I was able to eat lunch with my good friend Kristen. I got to sit with a bunch of college friends at the wedding, and the reception was filled with more friends (special shout-out to the FAB FOUR) and great food and dancing.

I loved having such a fun Saturday, and I’m glad for all the friends I got to see. Elizabeth and I slept over at our friend Rita’s adorable apartment. I also appreciated the time I got to spend with Elizabeth and Rita, too!

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Here’s to happy and special Saturdays!

As it turns out, I never took a picture of the bride and groom! #fail. But on the bright side, I love this picture with my home-girl Hannah!

As it turns out, I never took a picture of the bride and groom! #fail. But on the bright side, I love this picture with my home-girl Hannah!