Honest Moment: I Looked Cute


My friend Lisa popularized the term “honest moment” when we were going camping and one gentleman who came with (Let’s call him Steve) was wearing khaki shorts, a pink polo and had Starbucks in hand. Lisa said,

“Hey Steve, can we have an honest moment? You look like you’re going to a yacht club, not camping.”

*Insert chuckle here; it was FUNNY!* You get the whole honest moment phrase concept, yes?

Here’s my honest moment: I think I looked real cute this one day, but barely anyone saw me… so this is me showing the world my adorable outfit.

ImageCute outfit made cuter with a matching purse 🙂

ImageAnd if you want a REAL honest moment, ask me where I bought the dress!

Thanks for humoring me in my little sideshow. Also, the pictures are blurry but let’s all just consider it an artsy touch, yeah?



Greek Girls Don’t Lose Their Pants


Am I the only one who’s still quoting The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Two? Maybe I’m the only one who ever quoted the semi-famous movie sequel based off of the four book series by Anne Brashares.

Context: I officially moved into my new apartment (called the Cteve Hut) two days ago; then yesterday I left the apartment to head to our family’s cabin located three hours north. I actually think I’m decent at packing, but it was difficult to unpack and repack (let alone know where my basic life items are currently stored). Lucky for me I’ve got a toothbrush in my purse (priorities, people!) for emergencies.

So what did I forget? Jeans. (I decided to wear patterned leggings that day too, go figure).

I text my sister explaining my dilemma and asking her to bring me pants when she heads to the cabin. Her reply:

Hahaha got it!

Greek girls don’t lose their pants.

I guess the moral of the story is that I’m not the only one who quotes Sisterhood, and that I should not overlook packing pants.

ImageHonest moment: I was actually pretty okay with the outfit I wore yesterday, going with the whole northern-hipster-lumberjack look. But I definitely wouldn’t receive any points in the versatility department. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of my fashion statement for church this morning. I looked like an Olsen twin!!