Rainy Weekend Solution: Coffee Shop


I have a thing where I go to the Starbucks drive-through whenever I go in to work early. On those week day mornings, I almost always order plain coffee (if we’re getting specific it’s a grande blonde roast with non-fat milk). But on the weekends if I get a chance to step up my fancy a bit, I love ordering cappuccinos-and enjoying the whole thing in the coffee shop. Today I ordered one of my favorites from Colectivo Coffee- a cappuccino with almond milk.Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.30.24 PM

Megan’s been drinking green tea (seriously I gotta jump on that train because its health benefits are phenomenal). Is a girl supposed to order a hot drink or a cold drink if it’s May but also cold and rainy? I chose the hot option, and Megan went with the iced green tea. I don’t think either of us went wrong.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.30.38 PM

I’m thankful that Megan and I were able to enjoy our favorite drinks together on this rainy weekend afternoon.


Status Check: Zoomed In, Right Now


Hey y’all! I’m in superblogger mode here at Colectivo Coffee. I’ve been wanting to blog here ever since I’ve discovered Alterra/Colectivo (or ever since I started blogging; I’m not quite sure which came first). I had a slew of things to blog about but I can’t just yet because life right this very moment is screaming inspiration. Here’s what I’ve got goin on so far:


1. Arrive at Colectivo; there is a spot open in the parking lot! Score.

2. Order coffee. “Would you like that in a mug?” I decide to go green and take it in a mug.

3. SPILL SOME OF THE COFFEE ON THE GROUND. Thankfully I didn’t spill any on anybody (that I know of) but nevertheless there is shame involved. (Also I didn’t burn my hand #blessed.)

4. FORGET TO BRING THE EAR BUDS. Two strikes in a row, friends. Yikes. And of course Colectivo is bumpin’ so there’s just one spot left at this bar type of table, facing a window but next to a pair of people. I call them a pair, not a couple, because I can’t determine whether this is a blind date or perhaps some kind of interview? I don’t think they know each other but that, too, is hard to say for sure. I don’t mean or even try to eavesdrop on their conversation but remember, I forgot to bring the ear buds. It happens.

5. Take a serious risk. (Technically this should go with Step 2 as I made this purchase with my coffee). I bought a yogurt parfait with REGULAR (not gluten-free) granola. I scanned the ingredients and the only questionable one was oats. Side lesson: oats are technically gluten-free but they are typically grown alongside of wheat (read: gluten). I don’t cheat on my GF diet intentionally (trust me, it happens by accident; who would even check to see if there’s wheat powder in scrambled eggs? Not me). I’m not sure if this counts as cheating– it’s a test to see how I feel tomorrow morning. But still it makes me nervous. Pray for me. 🙂

6. Ok! Now I’m ready to write a few more blog posts. I’m lovin life, and spring, and my outfit!

Here’s to a wonderful week for everyone!



Half-Way Status: January


January has been here, there, and everywhere for this girl! I rang in the New Year at my family’s cabin Up North. Then, I took a few days to settle into the Cteve Hut! And then, I started a new chapter of life (technically, I started more of a second-book-in-the-same-series, if you will). I. Am. Not. A. Student. Anymore. *insert all the happy and sad faces here.*

So this new chapter/book.  I’ve already worked two whole weeks, what?! I’m thankful for my job, and I’m beginning to get the hang of this life, but there are a few things I’m missing about college. I suppose that’s to be expected! Shoutout to #phil102c because I keep telling myself what I said once in class, that work is the vegetables of life- working is good for me and necessary for my health.

Even though January isn’t my fave month (in fact, it’s among my least faves- winter with virtually no holidays.. what’s there to love?) I have been doing a few things to keep life interesting. I started a Fantasy Bachelorette League (it’s Juanderful!) which, I mean, is pretty exciting. I also have been doing a little exporing of the Milwaukee area (I’m alllllways gonna be down for Colectivo, FYI).

Our league is now officially named Girls [And Guys] Just Juan To Have Fun. Ha!

Our league is now officially named Girls [And Guys] Just Juan To Have Fun. Ha!

Here’s to the second half of January! Let’s make the most of these [short] nights!