Honest Moment: I Looked Cute


My friend Lisa popularized the term “honest moment” when we were going camping and one gentleman who came with (Let’s call him Steve) was wearing khaki shorts, a pink polo and had Starbucks in hand. Lisa said,

“Hey Steve, can we have an honest moment? You look like you’re going to a yacht club, not camping.”

*Insert chuckle here; it was FUNNY!* You get the whole honest moment phrase concept, yes?

Here’s my honest moment: I think I looked real cute this one day, but barely anyone saw me… so this is me showing the world my adorable outfit.

ImageCute outfit made cuter with a matching purse 🙂

ImageAnd if you want a REAL honest moment, ask me where I bought the dress!

Thanks for humoring me in my little sideshow. Also, the pictures are blurry but let’s all just consider it an artsy touch, yeah?



iRemember: Venice


The reason I started this particular blog was in part because of my trip to Italy which took place this January. I tried really hard to be intentional and to be present, enjoying every moment of my trip. I still vividly remember most of my first day in Venice.

ImageI love this picture because it accurately shows the beautiful colors displayed in Venice. From the sea-green water to the bright buildings, Venice is covered in great shades of color.


Bridges… and lots of ’em. Getting from A to B is a process wherever you are in Venice.
In order to get from one building to the next, you have to take at least one (but usually multiple) bridges, even if your destination isn’t all that far away.


This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip! I love how the wall frames my friends.


ImageOur first dinner in Venice! I laugh when I think of this dinner. We were all still in good spirits, despite the fact that we were extremely cold (so cold that Kyle some of us struggled to unbutton his pants to us the restroom) hungry, and extremely tired (that happens when takeoff is a little after noon and you arrive at like 9AM the next day; Kyle one of us fell asleep at this very dinner table).

Venice, I liked you a lot.
I hope to return someday soon!