Brunch Me


The perfect Sunday, according to me, consists of church, time spent with Kara, a good workout, and a nap. Yesterday I accomplished three of the four… the only thing missing was a nap, but I got to bed early so I ain’t even mad!

In church we sang Found In You which speaks a lot of truth in my life right now. I also got to see a few friends from small group. I love that I’m beginning to recognize and know people from church when I go.

I had a good workout at the gym. Sunday is my favorite day to work out because the gym is a lot emptier and I can do my own thing without competing for space and equipment. I finished my workout by going on a short run outside. Even though it’s not warm out, the sun was shining and the temperature was good for running.

I’m so glad Kara came to church with me. I love spending time with her! We went downtown after church for brunch. The food was delicious and the time spent together was spectacular!

I like to think the wind adds a little character to the picture. It was a breezy, beautiful day!

I like to think the wind adds a little character to the picture. It was a breezy, beautiful day!


Welcome Here


My roommate Megan and I have been attending some worship nights led by MKE Worship (check them out!). Last weekend we sang the song called “Holy Spirit” and I have been dwelling on these words:

Let us become more aware of Your presence.

Although I couldn’t find a video of MKE worship singing this song, I found a really lovely version by Abigail, Nathan & Peta. Listen to the first six minutes or so. Que the chills! [WATCH HERE].

What a lovely prayer!

Sing Along Cuz It’s One We Know!

I am super-stoked for all the concert opportunities in my summer’s future! Hopefully I will get to attend a few concerts, because that’s totally my thing.
Shout-outs to my current favorite songs on the radio:
  • Little Red Wagon (Miranda Lambert). Props to my concert-sister Kara for totally claiming this song even before it was famous (and I mean, you know it ain’t my fault when I’m walkin’ jaws droppin’ like oooh, ahh…).
  • Biscuits (Kacey Musgraves). Co-worker-pal Colleen gets the cred for this one as she found it first (OK she didn’t find it “first-first” but first to me.) Anyways, mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy. Can I get an AMEN!?
  • Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars). Is this considered a guilty pleasure? Stop! Wait a minute! I’m shamelessly infatuated with this one.
  • Drinking Class (Lee Brice). I feel like my #1 jam-buddy Allison is with me whenever I hear this song, even though we’ve never heard it together. Monday through Friday man we bust our backs; how could you not relate?!
  • Style (Taylor Swift). I think I’ll always be a Taylor Swift groupie, and who doesn’t love that red lip classic thing?
  • Sinking Deep (Hillsong Young & Free). We sang this one in church and it spoke a lot of truth in my life; you are my one desire…to know you all my life. Amen 🙂
  • Ain’t Worth The Whiskey (Cole Swindell). Is it just me or is this song #SupaCatchy? But don’t think for a second I’m out to drown your memory… YEAH.
  • Shoulders (For King & Country). Because the imagery is totally beautiful- you carry my sickness, my weakness, my brokenness all on YOUR shoulders.
  • Crushin It (Brad Paisley). Because Brad is making a comeback with this one; and because I’d love to hear, “you’re killin it dude” too.
  • Dear Future Husband (Meghan Trainor). And I thought this chick was gonna be a one-hit wonder! The song reminds me of something from Grease or Hairspray and I mean you know I’m never wrong. I can relate!

Anthem Lights Christian Mashup


Maybe it’s part of my generation, or maybe it’s just me; I love mash-ups. Who needs to listen to every song in its entirety when you could just listen to the best parts. And THE best part is you don’t even have to wait between songs because all of the songs are, well, mashed together.

Spanish subtitles are included in this particular video so if you’re trying to become bilingual, this video is REALLY for you.

Happy Saturday, friends! xoxo

The Fox And The Hounds Are Back!


Check out this connection-

My freshman year of college, my dorm building’s resident director posted a song by The Fox And The Hounds (clever name, right?) on Facebook. I checked out the song, looooved it, and enjoyed their YouTube channel periodically over the next few years.

One sad day, I typed in the usual “Fox And The Hounds Covered For Worship” only to find all of their songs had been removed from the internet! Besides a tumblr account with just a few pictures of the band, I couldn’t find anything!

Enter a week or two ago, when I decided (out of a whim) to see if they had returned to the World Wide Web. Low and behold, they had!

All of their songs are great. Check them out! They are now posted under the YouTube account 72Brundlefly