#DutchDuo Flies to DC


Kara and I visited Katie in Washington, D.C. last weekend. We had an amazing time! The vacation’s goal was to spend quality time together, and we definitely nailed it.

Our trip officially began when Kara and I arrived at our airport. We had pizza for lunch and we each bought a book to read during our flight.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.28.18 PM

Kara and I each bought books that were perfect for us! I’m loving #GIRLBOSS so far and Kara said Yes Please is great, too!

We had a good laugh when the woman who sold us our books asked us, “Why are you buying books? Aren’t you going to talk to each other?” We laughed and said, “We’re gonna be spending a LOT of time together over the next few days.”


The Divergent Exprience


Last night, I embraced my inner teeny-bopper and saw Divergent with one of my favorite sister duos. Lauren and Jill are true gems (side note: by GEMS I do also mean former GEMS-Girls Eating Massive Snacks).

Back to the movie. We went to a small movie theater in a college town. Lauren and I were concerned that the tickets would be sold out (I mean, the movie just came out that day). We sent Jill to per-purchase our tickets, which turned out to be a hilarious endeavor as the theater was approximately 1/3 full by the time the movie started. Always good to be prepped right?

One fascinating thing about the movie was the futuristic Chicago setting. Seeing an altered version of places I recognized was captivating!

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. Amy Newbold, the girl who played Molly, was straight-up hilarious. Not sure if she was even supposed to be that funny of a character but she was so bold and pitiful we just had to laugh.
  2. I really appreciate how Tris is so normal. She has no special talents, and she’s weak and fairly pathetic at first.
  3. I loved the costuming. Tris’s dress from the Abnegation was awful.
  4. In my opinion, Abnegation=Amish.
  5. My new celebrity crush is Theo James, who plays Four. He’s probably everybody’s new celeb crush though, how could he not be?
  6. I like the way the simulations were portrayed. Although Tris’s final simulation was both hilarious and uncomfortable…as it should be, I suppose. #AccaAwkward
  7. I have not yet formed an opinion on the music selection. I suppose that means it was intriguing.
  8. Maggie Q rocked her role as Tori. I loved this character’s overall appearance, too.
  9. FOUR DOES NOT FIGURE OUT THE SERUM THING. Mrs. Prior does, and she has Tris tell Caleb. Get it right people.
  10. Jai Courtney, who plays Eric, was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing about him/his role.
  11. Side note about Caleb: he is played by Ansel Elgort, who will also be in The Fault In Our Stars. Good year for him!
  12. I’m no nurse so I had to wince every time needles were involved. Also the choosing ceremony made me wince a little bit. #wimp
  13. I shamelessly adored the part where all the Dauntless kids jumped out of the train for the first time. The scene was sooo teen-esque and I was enthralled.

I want to watch the movie again and record the many more things I’d originally thought during the movie. Also, now’s the time to finish reading the squeal, Allegiant.

What were your thoughts on this new movie, in comparison to the book or otherwise?

Greek Girls Don’t Lose Their Pants


Am I the only one who’s still quoting The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Two? Maybe I’m the only one who ever quoted the semi-famous movie sequel based off of the four book series by Anne Brashares.

Context: I officially moved into my new apartment (called the Cteve Hut) two days ago; then yesterday I left the apartment to head to our family’s cabin located three hours north. I actually think I’m decent at packing, but it was difficult to unpack and repack (let alone know where my basic life items are currently stored). Lucky for me I’ve got a toothbrush in my purse (priorities, people!) for emergencies.

So what did I forget? Jeans. (I decided to wear patterned leggings that day too, go figure).

I text my sister explaining my dilemma and asking her to bring me pants when she heads to the cabin. Her reply:

Hahaha got it!

Greek girls don’t lose their pants.

I guess the moral of the story is that I’m not the only one who quotes Sisterhood, and that I should not overlook packing pants.

ImageHonest moment: I was actually pretty okay with the outfit I wore yesterday, going with the whole northern-hipster-lumberjack look. But I definitely wouldn’t receive any points in the versatility department. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of my fashion statement for church this morning. I looked like an Olsen twin!!

Catching Good Vibes at Catching Fire


When we were freshmen in college, midnight used to be a time when my friend Brittany would visit my dorm room, often with wheat thins in hand and a story to tell. Brittany, my roommate and I would talk and eat and sometimes partake in activities at an hour that is now part of my first REM cycle.

Brittany and I also used to attend midnight premiers of some of our favorite movies (think: Twilight). Though our bedtimes have changed, we still share a love for movies and we’re still good friends. Brittany The Genius found an 8pm showing, so we were able to watch the movie on premier night and still be to bed near midnight! Other “wins” of the night included making the Starbucks barista laugh (check), sneaking fraps into the theater (thanks, B!) and finding a hilarious awesome two connected seats next to each other (still chuckling).


So the movie. Catching Fire. Sooooo good! Brittany and I both have read the books and we’re big fans. The movie was true to the book*, which is always cool. Other non-spoiler thoughts on the movie:

  • Effie’s outfits. Fascinating. Loooooove.
  • Soundtrack: So good! Especially this song at the end.
  • Cinna is perfect, and I love what the movie displays about how fashion/culture can impact society
  • The District 11 scenes were so perfect, you better believe Brittany and I each raised three fingers in respect (on three occasions, to be precise


So much more is to be said about this rock-star-status movie! But I don’t want to be a spoiler so just go see it. But please don’t take your 5 year old (excuse this mini-rant but it’s just sad seeing their faces/watching them walk out).

*Disclaimer: In the books I am #TeamGale but in the movie’s it’s #TeamPeeta. In case you wondered. 🙂