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Today is my three year blogiversary with WordPress! My little blog was called “This Is My Year” at the time. I have to admit that 2013 was one kickin’ year, which included a trip to Italy, my 21st birthday (but that’s another story), living in two amazing housing situations; special weddings AND graduation from college.

Pre-story! I actually had a cutie-little blog, All About Cteve, which was launched my sophomore year of college; I ended that blog mainly because I ran out of free photo space on that page (I’m Dutch, need I say more?!).

I didn’t want to be vain, though, and knowing I was coming off of an amazing high which was college, I figured it would be a bit unrealistic to call 2014 “[This Is] My Year,” too, so I went with the general “sideshow” and have decided to stick with that name, for the time being at least.

When I fell in love with Gym (see what I did there?), I cut back on the #bloglyfe BIG TIME. But I missed blogging, and I still enjoy blogging, and I’m not ready to give up blogging. That being said, my posts are indeed fewer and farther between, but I also don’t intend for them to stop anytime soon. How’s thatย  for vague?

So I will continue with my little life blog. Stay tuned for whatever I want to share, whether it’s health tips or silly stories and fashion or songs or some new gig I may get into some day.

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Since this is a sentimental post already, here was my 2015 best nine (left to right and then top to bottom) Meeting Love & Theft | Becoming an Auntie | Time with my family | Time with my TRIO | Florida vacation | Visits from Brittany | Quality cousin time | Having a group of “local friends” | Summer memories including Allison’s visit and baseball games.


2014: Ringing It In Right


Going “Up North” is something that’s been in my family for a very long time. My mom’s grandma bought a place in northern Wisconsin on a tiny lake several years ago; five generations have now understood what it means to drive through the pine trees, breathe the freshest of air, and REALLY see stars.

Usually most of my cousins, aunts and uncles come up to ring in the new year. Traditionally we’ve had awards, themes, costumes, and Auntie’s Punch. We had a very small crew this year, but we still did our best to have fun. We had a casino night featuring Texas Hold ‘Em and Oceans 13.


I got second place in poker! Unfortunately for me, it was Winner Takes All. I’ll leave that loss in 2013 ๐Ÿ˜‰


Raspberry is my new favorite flavor of Wood Chucks. Cheers to gluten-free cider!

Speaking of RINGing in the new year, I was so excited that my former roommate and very good friend Victoria came up to celebrate the new year with me and my family! Victoria got engaged right after Christmas, so I loved sharing the new excitement in her life (and shamelessly browsing Pinterest and other wedding sites to our hearts’ content).

My feeling for 2014 is ever-increasingly good. Great things are in store!

Pilot: Sideshow


Happy 2014, everyone! I finallllly committed to a new blog name. My sister Elizabeth suggested Sideshow, and I like it because (unlike This Is My Year), this blog name can last for any amount of time and not just for twelve set months.

Life is kinda like a sideshow. I feel like there’s so many moving parts and any given snapshot of life is a sideshow of something else. With a sideshow, sometimes you plan and sometimes you wing it. And I think that’s just how it should be.

If I’m keeping it real, I’ll admit that I also like Sideshow because it’s going to allow me to write whatever I want keep doing what I’m doing as far as blog content. And while I’m having an honest moment, I’ll also admit that Sideshow is a reference from Nashville, the ABC show I’m really into these days.

With the blog, expect stories, pictures, an occasional recipe, and hopefully other funny or interesting pieces of interest. I’m not planning for much to change in regards to content, but please continue to join me in the journey as we figure out together where Sideshow may go.


Cheers to 2014! Let’s make it good.

Name That Blog


Hey people! In a few short days (literally), we’re gonna be jumping into 2014! While this fact is obviously obvious, 2014 means something significant for my blog- it needs a new name!

I chose to name my blog This Is My Year! in 2013 to honor and challenge myself to truly enjoy the year. 2012 was…not my year, to say it lightly. And I have to say, 2013 straight up rocked. I’m so glad I recorded so many good times through the blog-my Italy trip in January, taking another vacation in the summer, being a bridesmaid in July and October, and countless other fun items worth writing about.

I feel as if it would be vain to enter into 2014 assuming that another year is my year. Therefore I’m on the hunt for a new blog title. But I need help! I’m open to any and all suggestions. Please leave a comment below with any ideas you might have. And, if you have a request for a $5 prize if your suggestion is selected, I just might honor that! Here are my requirements:

  1. Nothing toooo cheesy. I can sometimes do a little cheese but let’s not get carried away.
  2. Not This Is Not My Year, because that’s a bit too pessimistic ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Not Life of a Post-grad or anything to that effect- I am a post-grad but that doesn’t need to be highlighted

Up for the challenge? K Thanks. May the best suggestion win! And may the odds be ever in your favor (I could NOT resist a little Hunger Games reference there)!

I am loving this weekend with my sister, Elizabeth. We have enjoyed an above-average amount of chill time, shopping time, and coffee time. I finally got to see The Great Gatsby (loooved it BTW). We ate at Noodles&Co (my favorite!) and we also got to attend a bachelorette party for our future sister-in-law, Melissa (gummy bears, enough said).

Elizabeth and I are planning to move in together in the beginning of 2014; we already have the place locked in and named. I cannot wait to share some exciting plans in the works regarding our new place.


Best dinner: 1/2 pesto cavatappi and 1/2 penne rosa. Both with rice noodles of course. #GFlife