Word on the Street- Read THE WORD


The Bible is probably the most helpful and wonderful thing offered to us on earth. I believe that reading the Bible is one of the most important aspects of spiritual health. Reading the word of God is one of the best ways to learn more about Him.

Here are some Bibles I would recommend to anyone looking for a new one:

  • Jesus-Centered Bible. A NLT version Bible with imitation leather that comes in several colors.
  • LIVE Bible. I can speak for this one because I used this for high school and college. Another NLT Bible, this one includes some study bits as well.
  • Inspire Journal Bible. My parents bought this one for me this Christmas and I absolutely love it! This Bible is also NLT, but it does not have any study portions.
  • ESV Journaling Bible. I don’t own this Bible but the ESV is a very reputable version of the Bible and so if you’re looking to Bible journal this may be a great option!
  • NLT Illustrated Study Bible. I am *extremely* intrigued by this Bible. I love the NLT version and I love study Bibles; I was not able to see any previews of the inside of this Bible so I’m not sure what the illustrations would be like… but I definitely think this one sounds amazing!

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