May Health Tips


We’ve made it to May! I’m back with health tips from those supereasy resolutions that are totally realistic (as opposed to when someone at the gym told me to eat a half a potato and a protein shake for dinner. . . ummmm-really?).

I digress.


ONE: Time how long you’re brushing your teeth (2 minutes is recommended by the ADA).  This is easy enough; I’ll admit there are times when I’m not meeting the 2 minute minimum. I think this is more of an awareness/intention item more than anything. Tooth-brushing is 100% painless and super important! I can do this!

TWO: Order your sandwich on healthy bread. Or no bread! The article recommended “whole wheat bread” – and I’d recommend that too – except I’m gluten free so I really cannot promote the whole-wheat bread wholeheartedly 😉 If you a re gluten-sensitive, look for whole grain, multi-grain, millet-chia or other healthy breads; or skip the bread altogether! I often at restaurants order a turkey burger or grilled chicken sandwich with no bun. Although it may seem strange at first, I know you can get used to it (because I sure did)! If you are not gluten-sensitive, you have my approval of whole wheat bread.

I hope you feel inspired by one or both of these tips! Health is all about developing manageable choices that can become healthy habits.


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