February Health Tips


I’m back with more tips from the “supereasy” health resolutions from the article provided by POPSUGAR.

Here are the next four tips:

  1. Listen to motivational music
    Music is best for so many reasons! It can be motivating; it can instantly change your mood. It can inspire me to run faster and lift heavier. Music can help me to stay focused, too.
  2. Get outside for 10 minutes daily
    I need to take this advice! Going outside is a blast when it’s nice outside, and it’s important to take advantage of good weather.  But when the weather is not so nice, fresh air still has its benefits.
  3. Food journal for a period of time
    I kept a food journal for about six months when I joined the gym. I don’t regularly food journal anymore but I do think it’s a good idea to food journal at times. If you’ve never food journaled: see if your gym offers a website for food logging, or find an app to use (such as My Fitness Pal). If you HAVE food journaled: still consider logging your food for a few weeks to see if you’re staying on track.
  4. Floss before bed
    Another habit I need to develop! Flossing is so important yet many of us disregard this health tip. I do believe that if I develop the habit of flossing it will become routine AND my dentist will be happy with me!


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