Jam Sesh : What I’m Listening To


We have made it to November and I’ve found myself enjoying some new songs in this small window of November where I’m not allowed to listen to Christmas music just yet. Click on the links to listen to some GOOD MUSIC.

Top Favorite Song Of The Week:
HOUSEFIRES II: Good Good Father. If you can only listen to one song on this post, make this be your choice. Talk about a beautiful, true, wonderful song!

Favorite Song On A New Album:
CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Dirty Laundry. Everybody knows Carrie is one of my all-time favorites and this song on her newest album does not disappoint! I love how this song is catchy, sassy, clever AND a great showcase for Carrie’s talent.

Favorite Pop Song:
ADELE: Hello. I’ve always appreciated Adele but this one has spoken to me louder than Adele’s own voice in the chorus. As an added bonus, it’s hilarious at work trying to answer the phone in the same tone as the song. #iDareYou. I know I’m not the only person who’s fanatic about this song; I’ve caught other people jammin to this hit (no judgment)!

Favorite Country Song:
THOMAS RHETT: Die A Happy Man. Two of my favorite friends are serious Thomas Rhett fans so they knew about this song ASAP. They shared it with me and I, too, can feel the love. What a good one!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:
THE WEEKEND: Can’t Feel My Face. Because every time this one comes on I just want to sing and dance and my mood shifts to a happy-funky vibe. #SorryNotSorry

Favorite Christmas Song:
PENTATONIX: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Guysssss I’m sorry; I cannot resist a little Yuletide spirit! And what’s more cheerful than an acapella holiday fave?


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