Walk This Way


Kara and I had a whole day to explore Washington, DC on our own. We tried to maximize our day, which included touring museums, general sightseeing, shopping, eating, and SO MUCH WALKING!

We walked so much, that we had to stop to buy band-aids for blisters… twice.

We walked so much, that we would walk to a museum, walk through the museum, and then walk to our next location.

We walked so much, that a .7 mile walk to a Mexican restaurant at the end of the day seemed like no big deal. Kara was more concerned than I was about some serious looking dark clouds looming in the sky. Much to our dismay, those serious clouds turned into a windy rainy storm. Kara and I walked into the restaurant soaking wet. Tears of laughter (and exhaustion?) could not even be seen because our entire selves were drenched.


My college friend Hannah met up with Kara, Katie and I for Mexican. I was absolutely thrilled to spend time with her!

Tip: get margaritas immediately after being drenched and everything quickly becomes hilarious. Cheers, amigas!


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