A Shirt Is Worth A Thousand Words

Health, Life

I am a big fan of the current trend of T-shirts with words. Here are some favorites I’ve found:


This shirt means “She Is Strong” and I love it. Website: ETSY


Equal parts sassy and true. LOVE IT. Website: ETSY


I’m not even an extreme hiking-girl but this shirt is really great. Website: HUMAN


With winter just around the corner, I can relate with this sweater. Website: HUMAN


YES to eating well, working hard, loving truly, and traveling often! YES also to this website, often sited by my favorite blogger (Katie Did What) Website: Riffraff


More things I love – a white porch, an ocean view, a cozy blanket and espresso! This dreamy sweater reminds me of something [Katie Did What] would wear. Website: Riffraff


But am I right? I really would wear this one. Website: Thuglife


Because I have LAKE HAIR even when I’m not at the lake. I’ve been into the “natural” look, OK? Website: Thuglife

What favorite graphic T’s have you found?



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