Does this post make my nails look good?


Believe me, I love my little #apartmentlyfe. HOWEVER. The air conditioning circumstances are a bit dire in our little space that happens to be on the second story of the building.

I should not complain. I can handle a lot of heat and I was raised in a home that had absolutely no AC.

Instead of complaining I’ll say this. Our teeny-tiny singular cooling-fan-window-unit is not cutting it on this 90 some degree humid summer day. Therefore I’ve found myself high and dry (and cool!) in a coffee shop blogging up a storm.

I really wanted to showcase my nails. I got a no-chip sparkly french manicure last weekend and my nails still look fabulous! So I was hoping to get a pic to share with the online world. But, as it turns out, taking pictures in public can be a bit awkward. Or maybe it’s a common thing now, I mean SELFIE STICK, need I say more?

I have yet to invest in a selfie stick, but my computer does have a camera:

Photo on 7-17-15 at 9.29 PM

If I’m showing off my nails, does this hand pose seem less weird?

Photo on 7-17-15 at 9.29 PM #2

OK so maybe this is not the worst pic ever but I obviously failed to include my nails in the pic…

Photo on 7-17-15 at 9.30 PM

Happy peace sign to also conveniently show off those sparkly french no-chip nails!

I have tried to cut back on washing dishes this week to preserve my manicure, but I have to say I’ve washed quite a few dishes and my nails are still looking good as ever!



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