Musings of This Week


I did not feel like a “real adult” this week. I stayed up late and watched TV. My room was a mess and I had to go to Walgreen’s after work because we literally ran out of toilet paper completely.

You know the Sam Hunt song that goes, “if you wanna be a homebody-we gonna have a house-party”? That was the theme for Megan’s birthday. Give us a Birthday Badge, banana ice cream, and Netflix, and you’ve got a pair of content ladies.

After two bad hair days, I busted out my straightener this morning and paid some much-needed attention to my hair. Thankfully today’s weather is absolutely beautiful (low humidity and sunshine!) so for once this week I’m not embarrassed of my physical appearance.

Yesterday I took a trip to Wal-Mart and bought the brand new Kelsea Ballerini album. I fell in love with her music right away and I’ve been jammin ever since (current favorites: Dibs, XO and Underage).

On Tuesday Megan and I went to see Pitch Perfect 2. Gotta love $5 Tuesdays. We brought huge purses and stuffed them with our own popcorn and other snacks. We arrived late so we had to sit in the front. And Fat Amy came in like a wrecking ball…

I attempted making healthy cookies last night. And I was disappointed by the outcome. (Note to self: Stick to CHOCOLATE COVERED KATIE when it comes to healthy desserts. Why did I stray the path?!).

This week I didn’t feel like an adult. AND I LOVED IT.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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