Two Painless But Crucial Health Tips!


Are water beds still a thing? Growing up, we had two water beds in our house. We also did NOT have a dishwasher, or an answering machine (on our cord phone) or air conditioning. Oh, and the basement floor was painted bright teal.

And that all seemed normal because it was all I’d ever known. And because it was the 1990’s so some of that was legitimately normal.

I have found two painless key items essential to health. Painless and health all in one sentence (see what I did there). Healthy people drink tons of water and they get enough sleep. Painless and healthy, right?

Notice I never said easy. The fact is, water drinking and ample sleeping requires prioritization, mindfulness, and planning.

Lauren Conrad, a blog-spiration of mine suggest drinking a large glass of water before each meal.

I have noticed the following benefits of drinking water:

  • a lot less fatigue
  • fresh breath
  • slightly decreased appetite
  • more stamina during workouts
  • more focus

Here are a few tips to drink enough water:

  • leave a 24 pack of water bottles in your car
  • order water at restaurants
  • add lemon or lime to your water
  • drink with a straw
  • drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up (I call this “pulling a Victoria” -thanks for the habit, friend!)
  • find some flavored teas you like and drink them without adding sugar or cream (I’m talking tea bags plus hot water, not bottled teas)
  • fill a flask with water (let’s just say this has been done, and I’d advise this for concerts when water costs $5, and you will impress people who don’t realize you’re “tipping back” water while still standing up straight without a prob)

I don’t have much to say about sleep. Just put in the eight hours and plan accordingly. I realize that sometimes getting the 8-9 hours of sleep is physically impossible, but when you can, please do yourself favor and get that beauty sleep.

I have no clue how I did college because I literally get double the hours of sleep now than when I was living in the dorms. Ample sleep gives me mood stabilization, a clear head, readiness to work and exercise; enough sleep honestly makes me be my best. Try to plan out as early in the day as possible what time you need to get to bed so you can plan accordingly and get to bed on time!

Sleep and water: two painless keys to health that WILL improve your quality of life you if decide to make these habits a priority.

Challenge accepted?



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