I’m Glad You’re 23


Happy birthday Megan!

Today is such a special day to brag on the Lord because he answered prayers and allowed us to be roommates. I’m so glad I don’t have to live alone and that I can do life with you, for such a time as this.

Clearly God’s timing is better than our own, because if we had it our way we would have already done the “roommate thing” in 2012. I’m so glad he had better plans for us, then and now!

I’m glad you’re here to learn “adult life” with me… And by “adult life” I do mean fan-girling at country concerts AND signing leases AND cheering on the Packers AND figuring out how to transfer internet bills.

I’m glad you’re a vacuumer and that I’m a dish washer. I’m glad you are clean but that we’re both OK with clutter every now and then. I’m glad you grill fish and eat tuna so I don’t have to feel weird about eating that stuff, too!

I’m glad you like running and Jillian Michaels and that you ask me about the gym. I’m glad you agree that Trader Joes has the best GF oats.

I’m glad you like Christina and I like Meredith. I’m glad you’re good with un-winding most nights with Grey’s anatomy, and I’m glad you don’t pick on me when I fall asleep and have to re-watch.

I’m so glad you’re in my life, Megan, and I’m glad to celebrate Age 23 with you.

Perfect occasion to re-live the memory of meeting Love And Theft, don't you think?!

Perfect occasion to re-live the memory of meeting Love And Theft, don’t you think?!


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