I’ve Got A Little Blog Crush


I love blogs! To be honest, I catch up on my blogs while on the exercise bike as blogs help me forget the pain I subject myself to while buring calories. I find blog-reading while biking to be a productive and fun habit.


  1. I love A Beautiful Mess, sometimes just for the pictures! Talk about a well-done blog. ABM is a super polished, professional, fun and crafty blog that I’ve enjoyed for several years. I love that ABM is spearheaded by two sisters (shout-out to my cyber-role-models Elise + Emma!). I love that ABM has a vast variety of content, including home decor, recipes, crafts, and fashion! I also love the personal blogs of some of the contributors.
  2. [ABM Contributor] Rachel’s personal blog is Smile and Wave. Rachel is honestly one of the reasons I started to wear my hair curly (!!) and she posts very cute things related to crafts, home decor, and her kids.
  3. [ABM Contributor] Katie’s personal blog is Skunkboy and her posts always include really good pictures, and often fashion, crafts and recipes. I think Katie is adorable and she someone I’d love to meet someday.
  4. Honest moment on the blog: I just today started following [ABM Contributor] Laura’s blog, The Band Wife. I think Laura is one of the prettiest and classiest ladies ever (read: I want to BE Laura) so I figure I will probably adore her blog, too.

    Jumping off the ABM train:

  5. Another blog that I totally love is the Lauren Conrad blog! From Chic of the Week to health tips to Friday Favorites to sneak peaks of Lauren’s clothes line at Kohl’s, I’m always interested in what Lauren posts.
  6. I recently discovered His & Hers Daily Grind and I’m really getting into it! I’ve mostly just looked at fashion pictures so far, but I find this couple to be adorable and inspiring…and I admire their polished-looking blog.
  7. I love Kendi Everyday because it’s a blog that makes me think about my friend Victoria who shares a love for blogs with me. I love a lot of Kendi’s outfits, and even though I often look at her pictures without reading the posts, Kendi really is a good writer, too.
  8. FAVORITE BLOG, COMING RIGHT UP! Katie Did What is my #1-absolute-favorite blog. Katie is so pretty, she loves Jesus, she’s got great taste in fashion, she values her health, she watches the bachelor, and she adores her husband. Her blog features a variety of topics and I really admire Katie’s optimism and cutesy spirit and writing style.

Besides word of mouth from friends, I discover blogs (and keep up with them!) through Bloglovin‘ which can be used on the computer or as an app (or both!).

What other blogs do you follow?


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