Everybody Loves Snacks


Hey y’all let’s talk about snacks! I think my diet is sustainable thanks to the snacks I was allowed to eat. I eat a snack a few hours after each meal; usually at 10:00 and at 3:00 (and again before bedtime).

Almost every day, I eat a Dannon Greek Light & Fit yogurt-they’re high in protein, fairly low in carbs and contain only 80 calories! Bonus points because they TASTE GOOD too! And they’re gluten-free! My favorite flavor is caramel macchiato but there are other good ones out there too (honorable mentions: toasted coconut, raspberry chocolate, salted caramel).

Sometimes, when I’m feeling wild and crazy (ha), I will have other snacks that were allowed:

  1. Protein bars or granola bars
    • Make sure they’re not loaded with sugar!
    • My favorite granola bars: KIND, Skinny Girl
    • My favorite protein bars: Quest, ThinkThin
  2. Fruit
    • Berries are especially healthy
    • Blending a frozen banana with cocoa makes an excellent treat
  3. Cottage cheese
    • Go for some kind of low-fat option
  4. Other yogurt
    • Regular yogurt (as opposed to Greek) is OK too
    • Chobani has a great 100 calorie Greek option
    • Plain Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and cinnamon is great!
  5. Apple and 1 T peanut butter
    • Fun fact: apples boost your metabolism!
    • PB2 is a great lower calorie peanut-butter option
  6. Small handful of almonds or walnuts
    • Unsalted, no added sugars, and not too many!
  7. Protein shake
    • Add water (not milk) to protein powder
    • Buy a reputable brand, from your gym or GNC
    • Taste is best when blended with ice 🙂
I posted this on Instagram using the hashtag #cutefruit because let's be honest, it is what it is!

I posted this on Instagram using the hashtag #cutefruit because let’s be honest, it is what it is!


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