Sunday Perfection


Can I just describe today, my ideal Sunday?! It went like this:

I woke up, not to my alarm but to the natural sunlight. I brewed myself some fresh Starbucks coffee which went great with my oatmeal and blueberry breakfast. I did a little art, listened to Lauren Daigle music and wrote in my journal.

I arrived at church right on time (OK, about 5 minutes late. I’m improving).

Then, I went to the gym! I got a little cray-cray, though, and I went to a gym other than my “home gym.” I liked it and felt less intimidated than usual in the weight section (I should point out that it was pretty empty in there).

After that, I drove to the mall where I got a delicious lunch and had the battery in my watch replaced. I browsed through a few stores and then found myself in a Colectivo Coffee where I’m jamming to Taylor Swift’s 1989 and am dedicating some much-needed time to my blog!

Tonight I’ll go home, do some cooking and watch Grey’s Anatomy and/or the Oscars.

I am so not a fan of the winter, so I have to do some nice things for myself to endure through. And that was the point of today, extending kindness to myself and just trying to enjoy the place where I’m at here and now.

Here’s to a good week ahead!

Photo on 2-22-15 at 4.04 PM



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