My Life February 2015


I hope y’all had a great weekend! Mine was full – mostly with fun and all with good company.

Every once in a while I like to highlight some stuff I’m currently into. So, without further ado:

Reading: Allegiant (Veronica Roth’s third book of the Divergent series). So far I’d say this is my favorite of the series!

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy and Baby Daddy on Netflix; The Bachelor on actual TV.

Into: Cover bands, actually! Think about it: a cheap concert and you know all the songs. What more could you want?

Eating: Protein bars are still my jam as well as fish, sweet potatoes, and some stellar slow-cooked chicken. And oatmeal with egg whites for breakfast. Love starting my day that way!

Drinking: Cofffeeeeeee. And iced coffee. And I just bought some cashew milk to go in my coffee since it’s new and not bad for you. Oh, and so much water! Shout-out to my pal Victoria for getting me on that train. (Or should I say boat?)

Wearing: Sweater-scarf-vest combos and fancy studded earrings. The warmest clothing items of my wardrobe!

Can’t wait for: Baseball season! Summer concerts! Pitch Perfect 2 and Insurgent.

Blog Crushing: (Yes, it’s a thing at least in my world) Always ABM (and Skunkboy) and always Lauren Conrad but I’m also totally into Katie Did What right now.

That’s it for now friends! Here’s to a fresh week ahead!


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