TBT2014: Summer


Ah, summer. How I would love to greet you right now with a home-made smoothie in hand, walking outside toward the pool where I could lay out and maybe finish the second Divergent book.

Summer is, of course, my favorite season. And summer 2014 was a pretty good one.


JULY was actually a hugely eventful month for me-one of the more significant months I’ve lived. Nate proposed to my sister Elizabeth on July 4 when we were all up north. On July 8, I joined a gym and signed up for a personal training program days later. My dear frined Victoria got married on July 19 so I spent the long weekend with her and her family in Arizona for one of my favorite weekends ever.


In AUGUST, I hit the gym hard and partied it up at more weddings. August was all about spending summer nights drinking protein shakes on my upstairs balcony lit up with a string of lights.


SEPTEMBER included more weddings and friend-visits. I am thankful that I got to see so many of my friends for these joyous occasions (and for a solid excuse to take yet another weekend vacation).

I am excited (and ready) for the summer of 2015! May there be more weddings, more trips, more laying out and more time at the gym!


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