TBT2014: Winter


Because today IS [Throw Back] Thursday, and because I am not completely caught up, and because I cannot resist; I came up with a:

Throw Back Thursday 2014 Series!

This short series will allow me to summarize each season of last year.

Without further ado:

JANUARY was my first month “not as a student” which provided new challenges and opportunities. I moved to Milwaukee and lived with my sister. I began working full-time, survived the Polar Vortex and fell in love with Colectivo Coffee.

janIn FEBRUARY, Elizabeth and I planned a surprise birthday party for our sister-in-law Melissa. We had so much fun and the night turned out to be a complete success!

febI turned 22 in MARCH and a bunch of friends came to visit me later on in the month. I also did a lot of fun things with my home-town girls Kara and Jill throughout the winter. (Shout-out to our new-found favorite cover band, Bella Cain!)


Winter is never my favorite season but it was filled with enough fun, family and friends to make it enjoyable!


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