Weekend Status: Mexican, Mockingjay, Musical, & More


Happy weekend everyone!

I’m glad I was able to stay home this weekend- after three weekends away from home, it was nice to get some stuff done!

I went out for Mexican food on Friday night with some of my favorite girls; We also went to see Mockingjay. The movie was done really well, but even in the books it was my least favorite of the three. Quick plug for #TeamGale (I can’t not).

Yesterday I went to see a junior high performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” For a bunch of pre-teens, I was very impressed! I also appreciated the fact that this particular version was quite brief and a few songs were cut altogether. Good choice. (Blog confession: an aspiration of mine is to direct a junior high play someday. I am insane).

My new roommate slept over last night! She won’t move in officially until after Thanksgiving, but we loved catching up and giving thanks for the exciting months ahead. Readers, hit me up for coffee if you want to know the story. And: God answers prayers. I am humbled by how this all panned out. All glory to HIM.


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