Once A Troll, Always A Troll


Because I just started a blog series about my college friends, I figured today is the perfect day to highlight my friend Megan:

M: Motivated. Megan’s currently in med school working to become a (fabulous) physician’s assistant. She’s one of the hardest workers I know, and while we’re on the letter M, I can also say she’s exceptional at memorizing… which is good considering her field of study.

E: Energetic. This girl is fun to be around and her enthusiastic laugh brings energy to any setting.

G: Gracious. I went to yoga with Megan during college, and she maintains a calm and gracious presence that inspires me.

A: Attentive. A good listener makes for a good friend, and I appreciate this quality in Megan.

N: Nice. I absolutely love nice people; no wonder I adore Megan!

Happy golden birthday to MEGAN, my motivated, energetic, gracious, attentive, nice friend!



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