Five Health Tips


In college, I’d gain blog-inspiration by going through my pictures and I’d write about something fun I did. Lately, I’ve been spending a majority of my energy and attention focusing on my health (that’s what happens when you don’t have 23032434 friends/acquaintances to make a Dunkin Donuts run with #BrutalHonesty). So, here’s five health tips:

  1. Flavored coffee > Flavored cream. Because every once in a while I want extra flavor in my coffee, and this way I can get an extra flavor without extra additives (opt for adding a little skim milk). You can buy flavored coffee or flavored coffee beans; you can also put coconut in your coffee bean grinder with your coffee beans (thanks, future-bro-in-law Nate for that tip!)
  2. Baked oatmeal! Cuz ain’t nobody got time every morning to make oatmeal (and wash the pan, because we all know what a mess that is). The recipe is simple: [gluten-free] oats, egg whites, and cinnamon in a greased pan for 25ish minutes at 425ish degrees. You can’t really mess it up… though there are so many variations I should do a separate post just dedicated to oats.
  3. Stop judging tuna and give it a chance. Am I the only one who assumed I hated tuna [perhaps because it’s packaged the same as cat food and I’ve almost accidentally bought the cat version a time or two?] People, Tuna really is the chicken of the sea! It’s actually pretty tasty, and it’s real high in protein too. Just be careful not to accidentally buy the cat version 🙂
  4. Drink the water, drink the tea. When you’re counting calories, you do not want to be wasting them on bevs! I’m supposed to drink 120-160 ounces of water per day. Sometimes if I’m just not feelin it, I will drink flavored tea. Tazo tea is strong enough that no sugar is needed. My #1 recommendation is Passion Tea. #TastesLikeJuice
  5. Protein Bars. Everybody who follows my blog already knows about my obsession with bars 🙂 After I wrote my BARS post, I gained an appreciation for another protein bar brand, Quest. I’ll be honest, these have a unique taste and texture, but they are pretty good and lower calorie than some of the other protein bars (we’re talking 160-210 calories… not bad for a “cinnamon roll bar” or a “chocolate chip cookie dough bar”).

To my 23032434 friends/acquaintances- have a healthy weekend! (Even though y’all can’t run to Dunkin with me at least we can stay connected online #SilverLining)


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