Five Faves Friday


Heyyall it’s FRIDAY! I’m crazy happy we made it to the weekend and my mind is spinning! I’m not sure I could stick to one topic if I tried so I’m going for a more creative approach this afternoon.

Five Faves Friday sounds like a new tradition. But me, being the twenty-two year old free spirit I am, do not plan to make any sort of commitment binding me to do another Five Fave Friday.

Maybe this is the first of many; maybe this is a once in a lifetime post type. We’ll all stay tuned, I guess!

Without further ado:

  1. Overwhelmed is my jam right now. I love this song very much! Check it out.
  2. I’m currently crazy about the Lauren Conrad brand! My mom should be proud of me because the brand is sold at Kohl’s. (Here I am promoting another brand without their endorsement… LAUREN CONRAD IF YOU ARE READING THIS I’M NOT OPPOSED TO RECEIVING YOUR STUFF FOR FREE! IMAGINE THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE PROBABLY READING THIS!)
  3. I am forsureeee baking this pie really soon. Honestly it fits within my diet- can we say #blessed? Also, majorrrr shout-out to Chocolate Covered Katie: you are theeeee WOMAN (if you don’t know her blog, check it out).
  4. I’m thinking about watching Blended tonight. Has anybody watched it? I hear it’s funny.
  5. I have an etsy crush on 1canoe2! I cannot vouch for the products as I haven’t made any purchases (yet) but can we say adorable?!

Have a great weekend, errrybody!

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